The mid-season premiere of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Not's" returns on the OWN network on Tuesday night June 20Th. There are any loose ends that need to be tied up and questions that must be answered. The season finale was one that was filled with drama and intrigue.

Tyler Perry has gone to the dark side

The last season of "The Haves and the Have Nots' showed the viewers that Tyler Perry has gone to the dark side. He is pushing the envelope in an attempt to portray the realities of life on his show. Murder and mayhem reign supreme with most every character in the show being a victim or suspect in a stabbing or a shooting.

There has been kidnapping, rape, a drug overdose, blackmail, grifters seeking their mark and even a suicide. One area where Perry is over the top is in regard to sex.

''The Haves and the Have Nots" is boldly going where the majority of network television shows have chosen to tread. Perry makes sure to give the viewers lots of bedroom scenes and most all are initiated with oral sex. Perry makes good use of his Gay characters having them participate in actions that normally would have to be viewed on an R-rated movie on Cable TV. Yes, all of these things are a part of the world we live in but the over emphasis on sex and violence takes away from the drama.

The unusual focus on the dark side is a hindrance to exploring the personalities of the characters and for viewers to simply enjoy the show.

Tyler Perry writes in such a way that at times #HAHN seems like a very bad B-grade slasher movie. The constant violence and detailed sex acts take away from the plot. As each season progresses the show seems to be exchanging quality for sensationalism. Viewers are tuning in on Tuesday nights and receiving less than what Perry is capable of producing.

The need to expose on "The Haves and the Have Nots."

Perry is so over the top that his black female characters often walk around with wig caps on or their natural hair in braids. Later you see them with a long flowing mane. It's as if he has this need to expose what he believes other may not be aware of. He wants to make sure that viewers know these women are wearing wigs and not their own hair.

he does this in the same way he makes sure viewers know that men and women engage in oral relationships. The midseason return of the show will no doubt bring more of the same.

Viewers continue to tune in to "The Haves and the Have Nots" so obviously not many are offended by Tyler pushing boundaries.Tuesday night June 20th will take up where the season finale left off. Hannah emerged from the bathroom of her motel room with her grandson in her arms. The boy had been shot when his father Quincy initiated a shootout. IF the child dies this will be one more example of Tyler Perry trying to get the attention of his audience with the extremes in life. And will not be a very good way to start a new season.