It seems like Mark Harmon’s character, Agent Leroy Gibbs, will have his hands tied in some unknown place in the upcoming season of NCIS” Season 15. Shots of the new episodes have emerged on the internet. Is it giving some signs on what is to happen in the next season? Fans are happy to know that Harmon will not be leaving the show after all despite the health issues he is reportedly facing.

Mark Harmon seems to be enjoying what the make-up artists did to him during the shoot of their show. Back then we have familiarized ourselves with Agent Gibbs’ leadership look that gets feisty only through tough times, but this might be the best one yet.

Mark Harmon to give his best portrayal in ‘NCIS’ Season 15

But Leroy Gibbs is not alone because Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee also had his fair share of messy look in the picture. The image was said to be the result of their trip to Paraguay that led them to 2 months of captivity. This marks the end to the rumors that Harmon will not be returning to the show due to health issues that crawled faster than Sadako on the internet because he is indeed going to have a lot (or maybe just a few) make up sessions for a gaunt image.

The scene is reported to be included in the first episode that we will see when the show premieres. Which makes us think, are they going to stay longer or have they already planned an escape?

Is Gibbs’ team coming over to the island to save them and their overgrown beard? We hope so.

‘NCIS’ adds Maria Bello in the cast

In addition to their growing cast, Maria Bello seems to be planning a long run in the show, since it was rumored that she signed a 3-year contract. If this is true, then it would be an “NCIS” Season 18 spoilers already.

Bello’s character has been already given a background to have an experience in Afghanistan with a front that can be fearless and may, or may not, be a love interest for Gibbs. (Wishful thinking?)

What we should be looking out for is a new season of action, and we might already get a good serve on its first episode, picking up where the previous season left off.

Since they are on some island held by its rebels, we can assume that the first two episodes might involve more of Paraguay’s view that will probably be joined with gunshots, fist fights, and bombs.

Nonetheless, Mark Harmon still showing loyalty to the show after all these years is another reason why fans will never get tired of it. Catch the premiere of “NCIS” Season 15 this September.