Internet star Jacob Sartorius recently opened up about a terrifying encounter with the police. The incident happened early one morning when police entered Sartorius’ home after receiving a phone call that a robber had entered the premises. Sartorius took to social media to explain what exactly happened and has assured fans that everything is okay.

Sartorius rose to fame as an internet star

Jacob Sartorius is only 14-years-old but it appears that the star has a lucrative career ahead of himself. Jacob rose to fame through the Internet by posting videos of him lip-syncing songs using the music app

Jacob was only a teenager when he was offered a record deal, which he signed back in 2016.

He has since released his first debut single titled "Sweatshirt" which has received over 45 million views. The celebrity has a huge fan base, and his first single managed to reach the top of both the U.S. and Canadian "Hot 100" charts. This is an impressive feat for the upcoming musician and Sartorius has been praised for his hard work.

The star was recently involved in an incident with the police at his home and fans were extremely worried for the star's well being. Jacob took to social media to explain what happened and has stated that the police are not at fault for what occurred.

The star reveals a series of tweets about the incident

According to Just Jared, 14-year-old Jacob Sartorius was involved in an incident with the police a few days ago and has opened up about the terrifying experience. The star revealed that he woke up one morning and found himself pinned to the ground by a police officer who was handcuffing the teenager.

He went on to claim several other police officers who were pointing their guns at him and were surrounding him. Jacob recalls hearing the noise of a helicopter overhead and was later informed that the police had sent the helicopter out in case a potential robber was fleeing on foot. The police explained they had arrived due to a phone call they had received from Jacob's neighbor.

The star's neighbor had suspected someone had sneaked into the Sartorius house and was robbing them.

Jacob posted a video to his social media with a caption stating that the police kicked down the Sartorius' back door and quickly had the teenager pinned to the floor. Jacob has assured his fans that everything and everyone in the house was okay and that the whole ordeal was simply a mistake. There was no one robbing their house and Sartorius claimed that he and his family were grateful for the help that the police provided should there have been a robber inside their home.

Jacob Sartorius has not made a comment about the incident since but it is clear that it was an exceptionally frightening experience for the 14-year-old.