Actor Tom Welling starred as character Clark Kent on the TV series "Smallville" which ran for over a decade. Fans were extremely disappointed that they did not get to see Clark Kent wear the Superman suit in the series finale, and Welling has since come forward to address this.

Welling has come forward with an explanation as to why Clark Kent never wore the suit

According to Flickering Myth, Tom Welling played the character of Clark Kent in the TV adaptation "Smallville," however, fans were disappointed when Kent never got to wear the Superman suit.

Welling has stated that this was something that everyone on the team had taken into consideration as the series progressed.

Welling confirmed that they decided that they would not put Clark in the suit and that he was behind this decision completely. He stated that there were many differences in this particular adaptation of the Superman character including the fact that Clark never called his abilities powers.

Tom Welling also drew attention to the fact that if in the series finale they had decided to put Clark Kent in the suit that it would not match the tone that had been set by the 10 season of the show. Welling revealed that in the finale of the show he was originally supposed to wear the suit and fly around, saving Lois and several other lives as Superman.

In a report by Digital Spy, it was Welling himself who was behind this decision to keep the integrity of the character he had played for a decade on the show. Welling recalled a conversation he had with Peter Roth at Warner Brothers and stated that he convinced Roth to keep Clark Kent out of the suit.

Fans were extremely disappointed that they never got to see Superman

According to Critical Hit, at the time of the big "Smallville" finale fans were expecting to see character Clark Kent fully transform into Superman with the suit included. Many of the fans were extremely disappointed that Clark never wore the suit and felt that they were cheated after a whole decade of the show.

Fans felt that the entire build-up of the "Smallville" series was anti-climactic, as they did not get to see the man in the suit. However, Welling has explained that they left the ending of the show open to the fans' imagination. The manner in which the show ended also left things open should they ever decide to revisit the show in the future.

The fans of "Smallville" have not yet responded to Tom Welling's explanation and one has to wonder if they will be satisfied with what the actor had to say.