On "The Bold and the Beautiful," Dollar Bill Spencer has declared all-out war against Sally Spectra. He cannot accept that this young lady from the wrong side of the tracks keeps getting in his way. Bill is determined to destroy "low-rent" Sally. Her only salvation may come from Liam and Thomas. Will they, however, be able to save her?

Bill Spencer is used to getting what he wants

Dollar Bill is a man who gets what he wants and he is determined to own the Spectra Fashions building. He was about to purchase it from C.J. Garrison when Sally came back to town to resurrect her aunt's fashion house.

Sally could not pay her rent and C.J. was about to hand the keys to Bill when Thomas Forrester gave him a check for $100,000.00. Bill was livid because he wants to tear down the Spectra building and erect a skyscraper.

Bill Spencer decided to lie that his niece Caroline was dying, so Thomas would reunite with her. He then believed he would humiliate Spectra Fashions during a fashion show in Monte Carlo. The tables turned when Spectra got more votes for their clothing line than Forrester. Bill thinks that by the time the lle is exposed about Caroline's health Thomas will have chosen his niece and left Sally behind. Ms. Spectra may find her saving grace, however, in Bill's son Liam.

Thomas and Liam may not be able to defeat Bill but can at least slow him down

In addition to having Thomas on her side, Sally may also have a friend in Liam who knows that Caroline is not dying. Should he make that fact known perhaps he and Thomas can work together to keep Bill from obtaining the Spectra Building. These young men are certainly no match for the great Bill Spencer, but perhaps they can keep him at bay and prevent him from zeroing in on "low-rent Sally."

Bill may find that Liam and his brother-in-law have more strength than he gives either of them credit for.

Sally herself is no wallflower and when she knows the enemy she comes out fighting. Bill lied about Caroline having a terminal illness and she went along with it. When the truth is revealed it will be shocking for some, but Dollar Bill will roll right along. He has threatend to cut Liam off financially and personally if he tells anyone about the deception.

Liam may not have to say a word, because Caroline is feeling guilty about tricking Thomas. She may be the one to expose her uncle and his ugly plan against Sally. Stay tuned for more spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful."