Tom Cruise, 55, is well known for performing his own stunts for the “Mission: Impossible” film franchise. However, on Sunday it looks as though he may have injured himself during one such Stunt.

Stunt goes wrong for Tom Cruise on ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ set

As noted by TMZ, a video released today shows Cruise performing a stunt where he had to run and jump, while wearing a safety wire, from a platform across to another building. From the footage, Cruise appears to have jumped too soon, as he hits the building. Cruise can then be seen hoisting himself up onto the roof of the building and slowly making his way over to crew members, working a few feet away.

Cruise can then be seen going back on the wire to the first building, then escorted away, limping. Reportedly Cruise’s rep had no comment on the incident and so far the extent of his injury is unknown.

Close calls in other films for Tom Cruise

As reported by E! News, this isn’t the first time Cruise has received injuries on a movie set. Back in 2003, he suffered an accident while filming “The Last Samurai.” In that film, Cruise was involved in a fight sequence with Japanese co-star Hiroyuki Sanada when a mechanical horse that was part of the scene malfunctioned. As Cruise approached Sanada, the horse hit the actor. Sanada’s sword then swung dangerously close to Cruise’s neck. In an interview with IGN at the time, Sanada said he only managed to stop his sword an inch from Cruise’s neck.

He said it was very difficult and that he was drenched in sweat. However, he added Cruise didn’t even blink.

The Hollywood actor must have nine lives, as in 1986, while filming “Top Gun” Cruise also suffered a close call.

In that film, his character Maverick was cradling a fellow fighter pilot’s body in the water after parachuting. However while filming, the parachute started to fill with water. Back in 2011, Barry Tubb, who played Wolfman, the fighter pilot in question, told the New York Post that fortunately a stunt frogman saw what was going on and jumped into the water, releasing Cruise a moment before he sank.

Tubb said of the incident that Cruise had come as close to dying as anyone on a film set he’d ever seen, adding that they would never have been able to find him.

'Mission: Impossible' stunts from the past

People reports that the Hollywood actor had performed other dangerous stunts in his role as Ethan Hunt in the film franchise. In “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” Cruise was seen to cling precariously to the side of an A400 plane, moving in mid-air. When the film premiered in 2015, Cruise told People that he wasn’t going to lie, it was pretty intense filming that scene.

As previously reported, a stuntman on the AMC series, "The Walking Dead" recently died when a stunt went wrong. In that incident, John Bernecker fell 20 ft from a building. Bernecker was not, unfortunately, attached to a wire at the time.