On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," there is an electrical fire at "Spectra Fashions". Liam puts it out with a fire extinguisher, while across town Bill is plotting revenge. After Liam admits that he and Jared agreed Spectra has promise with their fashions, Bill tells Jared that he will get rid of the Spectra building at any cost. Bill is dastardly but is he capable of actually burning the place down?

Bill Spencer will not give up

Bill Spencer is a successful business man who is determined to get what he wants. His eyes have been set on the Spectra building for quite some time now.

He first thought he would acquire the property when Sally could not pay her rent, but Thomas Forrester wrote a check to cover it. He then wrote a bad review of Sally's fashions and signed Jarrett's name to it. He was hoping bad publicity would send Sally running. Next Bill believed Ms. Spectra would be humiliated after losing a fashion contest to "Forrester Creations." Sally's team actually won but Bill lied, saying the event was a tie.

Bill then convinced his niece Caroline, to pretend she is dying so Thomas would join her and their son Douglas in New York. Mr. Spencer believed that Thomas and Caroline would reunite and that Sally's fashion house would fail without Thomas as lead designer. Caroline has been insisting she wants to tell Thomas the truth, so Bill will need to act fast to acquire the Spectra property.

He tried unsuccessfully to purchase the building a second time from the owner, Sally's cousin C.J. Garrison. Now Dollar Bill is at his wit's end and will not give up.

Bill s desperate and may resort to criminal activity

On Wednesday, Liam and Jarrett reviewed a Spectra pre fashion show, and both admitted the designs were good.

The electrical fire happened immediately after, and once Liam extinguished the blaze he called his father. Dollar Bill did not want to hear this and announced to Justin that he would get rid of Spectra no matter what. Should there be a fire that destroys everything, the first thought would be faulty wiring in an old building.

Because, however, of Bill Spencer's statement, viewers will wonder if he had a hand in it all. The writers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" did have that electrical fire in the plot for no reason. Bill is dastardly, and often is unethical, but would he really resort to criminal activity to get his way? Perhaps the Spectra building will burn down because of the old wiring, but Bill will get the blame. Keep watching each day to find out what happens to Sally and her fashion house.