On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Thomas Forrester gives "Spectra Fashions" an 11th-hour reprieve. Instead of closing their doors forever, Sally and her team can remain up and running.

Dollar Bill strikes again

Bill Spencer showed up at the Spectra building ready to take ownership because Sally could not pay her rent. Just as her cousin C.J. was about to sign on the dotted line, Thomas Forrester showed up. On Thursday's episode, he told Sally and C.J. that Dollar Bill was conning them. Thomas pulled out his checkbook, and C.J.

decided that blood was thicker than water. He accepted the check from Thomas so that his cousin could stay in business.

Dollar Bill wanted the property so he could raise the building, and erect a high-rise skyscraper. To ensure Sally could not pay her rent, he substituted a decent review of her fashion for one he wrote himself that was derogatory. A chain of unfortunate events leads Sally to decide to close the Spectra doors and leave town for good.

Thomas to the rescue

When Thomas Forrester found out what Dollar Bill was up to, he decided to confront him. Now Thomas has decided to invest in Spectra to help Sally and her team out. Sally's assistants, Saul and Darlita, along with her sister Coco and grandmother Shirley, have been very loyal, even working without pay.

They were so ecstatic when they heard the good news, they grabbed wine and began to drink and dance.

Dollar Bill Spencer went back to his office at Spencer Publications, to lick his wounds. He is not, however, giving up. He believes that Thomas simply extended the date that he will own the Spectra building. Bill Spencer is a man who gets what he wants, so Sally needs to watch her back.

The future looks bright for Thomas and Sally

Now that Thomas has come through for her, Sally will do her very best so that he can collect on his investment. Everyone who has seen her designs say that she has talent. Her confidence has been restored, and the man she loves is by her side. There are, however, many obstacles to overcome.

The Forresters will not like that Thomas gave so much money to a woman who cost them millions. It may take years for them to even tolerate her. The idea of Thomas sleeping with the enemy is not going to go over well with his family. And of course, Spectra will be a rival fashion house. For now, however, the lovebirds will enjoy the ride.