Fans are about to see new faces coming in the continuation of “The Blacklist” Season 5. From “The Sopranos” star Aida Turturro to the "The Americans" actor Michael Aronov, it looks like the next chapter will be definitely worth watching.

But before that, viewers can now enjoy watching the previous season again and again as “The Blacklist” Season 4 Blu-ray disc is now out. Some people have been able to see the deleted scene where Red (James Spader) got Brimley’s (Teddy Coluca) Python Betsy used for some interrogation tactics.

The deleted scene

The scene was from “The Blacklist” Season 4’s penultimate episode titled “Mr.

Kaplan.” Red’s so-called empire was gradually collapsing, thanks to the alleged dead Mr. Kaplan’s (Susan Blommaert) best effort to dismantle it.

He was putting his best effort into finding his former cleaner’s exact location. Brimley dropped the Python Betsy off with Red along with a couple of white rabbits after finding out that he was already out of the ex-Naval Officer’s army. He also did this to avoid being discovered. According to Cinema Blend, this scene would have been much better if it was followed by a possible eerie snake sequence, but people behind the television show didn’t push it through. This, too, might be the reason why it was deleted.

New additions to Red’s team

Meanwhile, as there are new stars coming in “The Blacklist” Season 5, they might be recruited to join Red’s team.

The criminal mastermind may be looking for some new additions to complete and make his group stronger. With the coming of Aida Turturro and Michael Aronov, they will surely make the next season more intense.

Entertainment Weekly reported that “The Sopranos” star will play the role of Hawkins, an accountant who will do everything to save herself, even if it means that she has to sell out her former business partners.

As the 54-year-old star is crowned with a recurring role, fans can expect to see her more in the coming episodes.

“The American” actor Michael Aronov is also expected to join the new installment of the television show. The 40-year-old award-winning star will play an important role as Smokey Putnum, a logistics expert that the police are looking at for fraud.

He is a former employee of an unnamed bizarre kind of business and has been experiencing bad luck for quite a while.

Although his past is quite shifty, it looks like Red will definitely want him to join his team because of his skills as a logistician. In spite of having legal problems, he will surely welcome these two to his group knowing that they will be useful to him.