As Claire Danes recently confirmed that her character as Carrie Mathison will return as a CIA agent, it looks like she is going to have a new partner in HomelandSeason 7. As Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) surprisingly died in the previous season finale, someone is set to fill in the hole he left behind.

Max Piotrowski (Maury Sterling) will be replacing the CIA paramilitary officer’s position he left in Carrie’s life. In fact, he has been recently promoted as a series regular.

Max to replace Peter in Carrie’s life

According to Christian Post, Max is expected to work with Carrie in the coming “Homeland” Season 7.

He might be helping her to deal with the dictatorial leadership of the newly-elected President Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel).

However, some question if he will only replace Peter professionally or if he will also fill the hole he left in her heart. As Carrie has been living alone with her only child, Brody (Damian Lewis) has been dead for a long while now, so this might be the right time that she finds someone to love.

Max might be the perfect person for Carrie to work with. As they have the same background, he may be the one who could understand her fully, especially when it comes to working. In fact, he, too, knows how to handle people with temperament issues. But, fans should wait and see how he is going to deal with her bipolar tendencies.

Additionally, aside from Maury Sterling, Linus Roache and Jake Weber were also promoted to new series regulars.

The making of a new season

Meanwhile, fans are now waiting for the latest updates regarding the coming of “Homeland” Season 7. According to IBTimes, the television show is going to be filmed in Virginia. Also, in an interview with Deadline, executive producer Alex Gansa revealed that the spy thriller television series’ creative team is now busy discussing “big ideas” to feature in the coming new installment.

"We have some big ideas but we are just at the very beginning of that process,” he said. However, he admitted that he is not yet sure whether they will be telling a story about Russia, Israel, or America. “We're in that really fun, gestating period," he confessed.

Regarding the research trip they made to Washington DC, Alex Gansa hinted that it will play a significant role in the new chapter’s storyline. The screenwriter teased that they have to keep their ears tilted to know the real-life happenings around the world and fans should wait and see how it will affect their new plot this season.