Fans are now all waiting for the return of The 100Season 5 and see to the future of Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) and her people. As there is a big threat coming with the arrival of the mysterious Eligius ship, which is carrying dangerous prisoners, it is now revealed the star that is going to play one of the characters.

Jordan Bolger joins the post-apocalyptic drama’s fifth season as one of the inmates named Zeke Shaw, who is going to face Clarke. The 22-year-old “Peaky Blinders” star will be the new face viewers are about to see, and there might be more coming.

A new character to fight for the humanity

In a report by TV Line, it described Jordan Bolger’s character as Zeke Shaw in "The 100" Season 5" as a “self-professed adrenaline junkie,” but he is full of ideas, wit, and boldness.

Out of a number of prisoners the Eligius ship might be carrying, he is the only one who has been introduced, so far.

It is thought that Zeke has a great passion to discover the universe’s big secrets. He joins a space mission to a far-flung solar system to fulfill his dreams. However, it looks like it is his fate to arrive on Earth where he is going to find the burnt remains of his home planet, “tribal warfare,” and different alliances. He will also find himself in a “brutal fight for humanity’s survival.”

Is Zeke really a prisoner?

With his will to fight for humanity, it looks like Zeke is not really a prisoner who will be Clarke’s rival in “The 100” Season 5.

Hypable reported that if Jordan Bolger’s character is really one of the inmates, then they might be given a chance to choose between joining and leaving the mining mission.

The Eligius ship’s prisoners were apparently previously living on Earth, but run off before the apocalypse in 2052 took place. With that, they are expected to be surprised by what they are about to see as both the Grounders and the Ark’s people have developed new societies on the planet.

Other prisoner characters

Meanwhile, at the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Hypable revealed that three characters from the Eligius ship’s prisoners will play important roles in “The 100” Season 5.

Aside from Zeke, their female leader has a vital role and another one will play as a love interest of one of the cast members. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg teased that the new people coming can be considered to be new villains and a big threat to Clarke and her people. But, there will be some good guys in the group that fans will surely like.