Although The 100Season 5 won’t be released until 2018, little details about the new installment are now emerging. In fact, the fifth chapter’s new episode titles are now being revealed.

The premiere episode is announced to be titled “Eden” while the third one is called “Sleeping Giants,” even though its official synopses are not yet revealed. As the television show’s production now starts, Eliza Taylor, who plays the role of the lead star Clarke Griffin, talked about her character and her future on the show.

A battle for Eden

“The 100” Season 5’s production has now officially commenced as its cast members are now giving their fans a glimpse of their filming on their respective social media pages.

It has been said that the television show’s new installment will focus mostly on Clarke’s character, her life on Earth, and the new kind of people coming through the mysterious spaceship.

In an interview with Den of Geek, Eliza Taylor talked about how Clarke manages to survive the post-apocalyptic drama’s ordeal. She revealed that she has set up a routine where she keeps herself occupied by doing the same thing every day. This includes having lessons with Madi (Imogen Tear), talking to Bellamy (Bob Morley), and hunting.

According to IBTimes, executive producer Jason Rothenberg revealed that the radiation level on Earth has now dropped, thus it is now habitable. However, most of the planet's part becomes a wasteland, but Clarke found a place called “Garden of Eden” where everyone can live without a problem.

From here, a battle will begin as the new prisoners coming want to own the land, but Clarke will do her best to fight for her and her people's home.

The rocket’s return

Meanwhile, Richard Harmon, who plays the role of John Murphy, revealed to Tell-Tale TV (via Christian Post) the reason why are the rockets are not yet landing on earth in the coming “The 100” Season 5.

The 25-year-old star teased that the missiles might have encountered a major glitch in the middle of its journey. As the television series is about to feature a six-year time jump, some expect that these sky rockets are now back but it is not yet happening.

It has been known that it will only take five years before the air becomes breathable again after the apocalypse.

However, Clarke has been waiting for the return of her friends for six years now. With that, this means that something bad might have happened to them. But, Richard Harmon revealed that they will definitely return after a mechanical issue has been resolved.