The countdown for the end of "Teen Wolf" has begun, with only five episodes remaining of Season 6b and the series altogether. With a growing hunter community turning on the pack, as well as a few supernatural characters creating problems and generating suffocating fear among our heroes, what does the end look like for MTV's hit series?

Familiar faces

"Teen Wolf" creator Jeff Davis knew he needed to bring back a few favorite characters to wrap up the show. Davis recognized that there were a few characters that still required closure before the series came to an end: Would Stiles really remain at the FBI Academy and not find out his best friend and the pack needed help back home?

Where has Derek Hale been? What about Jackson Whittemore, last seen in season two? Fortunately, fans will have some of their questions answered by the time the show closes out, with Dylan O'Brien (Stiles Stilinski), Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale), Colton Haynes (Jackson Whittemore), Charlie Carver (Ethan), and the infamous Kate Argent (played by Jill Wagner) confirmed to be returning in the remaining episodes.

As Davis explained to Entertainment Weekly, closing out the stories of so many characters was "difficult." And, despite bringing back some of the fan's favorite characters, there were a few he, unfortunately, was unable to put back onscreen before the series came to and end. Less than two weeks ago, Davis took over the official MTV "Teen Wolf" Twitter account to answer a few fan questions.

During the Q&A, Davis confirmed that scheduling conflicts prevented the showrunner from providing proper closures to some of the characters.

One of those actors was Daniel Sharman, who played the popular werewolf, Isaac Lahey.

As much as Davis wanted Sharman back to reprise his role, Daniel was busy filming "Fear the Walking Dead" in Mexico, where he plays the controversial character, Troy Otto.

As far as who will be returning, fans are eager to see Stiles, Derek, Peter (Ian Bohen), Jackson, and Ethan back on the show.

Fans recently learned from a sneak peek via Entertainment Weekly that Jackson and Ethan are now a couple. The duo will make their way back to Beacon Hills after being attacked by hunters in London, and fans are already amped-up about their inevitable reunion with Scott (Tyler Posey), Lydia (Holland Roden) and the pack.

The characters that fans are arguably most excited to see again are Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale. Stiles was last seen at the beginning of season 6b attending the FBI Academy to be trained as an agent. While in class, Stiles discovered that Beacon Hills' very own Derek Hale was wanted for mass murder. Jeff Davis confirmed with TV Guide that this discovery was written to intentionally connect Derek's story with Stiles' this season.

The very popular duo will come together "at a critical point in the season" Davis says, much to the excitement of "Teen Wolf" fans.

Davis confirmed on Twitter that fans can also look forward to Stiles and Derek reuniting with other characters before the show comes to an end. A fan asked Davis whether or not Stiles would be angry with Scott and Lydia for not telling him sooner about the new threat in Beacon Hills. Davis replied that it's one of the first things that Stiles brings up to them and that Lydia will feel "a bit of guilt" when Stiles comes to save them since her biggest concern is losing him.

Derek will be having a family reunion of sorts with his uncle Peter and will share some scenes with Chris Argent (JR Bourne) as well.

While there haven't been many teases about the reunion between best friends Stiles and Scott, fans are excited to see the two back together again. Like Davis explained to Entertainment Weekly, what made the show "special" was when they realized how "good together" Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien were. The friendship between the two on and off screen became the core of the series' foundation, and there's no way "Teen Wolf" could end without Stiles and Scott fighting the big baddies side-by-side.

The 100th episode

The series finale will also serve as "Teen Wolf's" 100th episode, a milestone that Davis, as well as the rest of the cast and crew, are certainly proud of.

Davis touched briefly on filming the final episode on Twitter, revealing that it was "hard to say goodbye," but that filming was smooth for the finale.

Fans were touched to learn that O'Brien will be keeping Roscoe, Stiles' beloved Jeep that has become an important character in its own right over the course of the series.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Davis and co tried to create an ending that "feels right for the audience" as well as the characters.

Posey was emotional while giving a speech on set to the cast and crew while they were celebrating the 100th and finale episode. According to Entertainment Weekly, Posey referred to the group as a "family" and said that filming "Teen Wolf" has been "the greatest thing ever." O'Brien, who has been busy recovering from his well-known injuries he experienced on the set of "The Maze Runner: The Death Cure" and filming "American Assassin," was determined to come back for the final season. He told Entertainment Weekly that Stiles was his "first role" and that he has "loved Stiles" from the beginning, growing closer to the character throughout the series. Davis promises that the final episode will be a classic, "filled with life-or-death situations."

"Teen Wolf" airs Sunday nights on MTV. The extended series premiere will air on September 24th at 8 PM.