The upcoming “Fear the Walking Deadseason 3B will be bloodier and more zombie-filled than ever. The first official trailer and plot spoilers were revealed in the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday.

Spoilers in the San Diego Comic-Con

“Fear the Walking Dead” has been consistently using the San Diego Comic-Con as an avenue to drop spoilers. The hit TV series had a panel interview and launched the first official trailer for the upcoming second half of season 3 in the said event.

In the panel, executive producer Dave Erickson revealed that they have pulled up the suspense level for the upcoming season.

Erickson teased that the upcoming “FearTWD” will be “bolder and bloodier.” He also bragged that they will feature more walking dead creatures that will break the series’ maximum tally of zombies.

What has been revealed about the plot in the Comic-Con panel?

The upcoming second half of season 3 will feature Madison (played by Kim Dickens) in a role that has gained bigger responsibilities. She will be shown protecting her family, as well as her extended family.

Moreover, the new episodes will also revolve around how she will take on a bigger task to protect the whole ranch as well. In the midseason finale, fans of “FearTWD” have witnessed the demise of Jeremiah Otto (played by Dayton Callie). Consequently, his death led to Madison’s destiny to lead the ranch.

In the Comic-Con panel, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd revealed one major spoiler for Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). The latter will struggle to find a place where he can live a normal life.

According to the EP, the character will reach that point where he will face the reality that there is no longer any place that the zombies have not infiltrated on yet. Fans of the series will see how Victor will struggle to build their own new community.

What else to expect aside from zombies?

Aside from the huge battalion of zombies, the new season 3B of “Fear the Walking Dead” will also highlight several reunions.

First up is the meetup of Madison and Victor.

Furthermore, it was also unveiled that Madison will encounter Daniel Salazar (played by Ruben Blades) again. This spoiler led to speculations that the latter will most likely reunite with his daughter, Ofelia (played by Mercedes Mason) as well, The Hollywood Reporter has noted.

Can fans expect a crossover between 'The Walking Dead' and 'Fear the Walking Dead' too?

Although the executive producer Robert Kirkman did not confirm the crossover between the two shows, he also mentioned something that sparked a little hope for the fans of the two TV series. Kirkman admitted that the timeline between the two series are quite far ahead. However, he also teased that a crossover is something that they would “love to do eventually” knowing that the fans are also expecting it.

Fear the Walking Dead” season 3B will return on Sunday, Sept. 10 on AMC.