Fox News announced Wednesday morning that Tomi Lahren will soon join the network as its newest contributor. According to the network, Lahren will join Sean Hannity's "opinion programming."

This will be Lahren's first position since she was fired from The Blaze over a disagreement with her employer.

Many Twitter users were quick to criticize FOX's decision to hire Lahren

Lahren is a hated figure among liberals and many moderates.

Her fiery rhetoric and criticism of BlackLivesMatter, trigger warnings, and politically correct culture have led some to associate her with the Alt-Right, a growing conservative movement that contains elements of nationalism and white supremacy.

One observation made repeatedly by Twitter users is that Lahren shares certain similarities with past FOX anchors, including the recently-departed Megyn Kelly.

Kelly was one of many prominent individuals at FOX who left during a string of Sexual Harassment-related scandals that recently rocked the network.

She cited harassment from former FOX CEO Roger Ailes as one of the reasons she decided to leave. Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, the notorious conservative pundit, were two of the first high-profile people to be let go as a result of the sexual harassment allegations.

Lahren's rise to fame was driven by controversy

Lahren first rose to notoriety as a pundit on the conservative media outlet The Blaze.

Her energetic rants against liberal culture and policy made her a sweetheart among extreme Republicans. She even earned an interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah due to her work.

She has joined the ranks of controversial figures such as Milo Yiannoplous who are enthusiastic about fueling the divisive culture wars that have ravaged the United States in recent years.

Her common talking points revolve around race relations, Islamic extremism, PC culture, and anti-police protesters.

She recently lost her job at The Blaze, however, after she deviated from the standard conservative viewpoint on abortion. Lahren is openly pro-choice and has been vocal about it in the past. A disagreement over these views led to her being fired by Glenn Beck.

The reaction was not all negative

Despite all of the criticism level at Lahren, some high-profile figures, including Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, took time to type out congratulatory sentiments to the rising star.

Some observers have predicted that Lahren will soon have her own show on FOX. It remains to be seen, though, how she will thrive in her new environment.