"Teen MoM OG" cast member Ryan Edwards is reportedly caught in the middle of a major cheating scandal involving multiple women and Tinder. New reports reveal that Ryan appears to have exchanged a drug addiction for a sex addiction. This means bad news for the recently married Edwards.

How much more will Mackenzie Standifer take?

As previously reported, Ryan Edwards sparked major controversy earlier this spring after it was revealed that the father of "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout's's son, Bentley had seriously been abusing drugs.The entire situation with Ryan's drug abusive issues came to a full head when Edwards' was filmed on his way to a secret wedding location with now wife Mackenzie Standifer high out of his mind while driving.

Ryan Edwards, will he be returning to rehab soon?

Ryan then checked into rehab after the couple's rushed and hushed wedding ceremony. Fans thought it odd that Standifer and Edwards decided to marry so quickly, and especially with the drug abuse issues that Ewards was undergoing at the time. It just seemed fans and Teen Mom viewers that something was a bit off considering the circumstances.

Edwards stay in rehab was short-lived, however, it has appeared that Ryan has managed to stay clean as far as drugs are concerned. But, last week it was reported by Radar Online that Ryan Edwards had been contacting women in several inappropriate, including dirty, obscene messages and naked photos using the dating service Tinder.

Mackenzie Standifer, for the time being, appears to be standing by Ryan's side even through this. The new bride has gone as far as using her Instagram account to attempt to send the first female a clear message to stay away from her man.

“I want you to stop!” she furiously messaged Edwards’ texting partner.

Sadly, this scandal appears to be just getting started and according to OK!

magazine reports a few more women have come forward revealing that the 27-year-old troubled MTV reality star has also been in similar contact with them.

It is hard to say at this time just where this cheating scandal will land for Ryan Edwards and wife Mackenzie Standifer. Marriage is hard enough to adjust to, but when you throw a drug addiction, trip to rehab and a cheating scandal into the mix just three months after saying "I do" it is near impossible to come back from.

Maci Bookout's public life with Ryan Edwards for most women would have been enough to steer them clear of Ryan. One positive note about the Edwards/Standifer relationship at this time is that at least the two do not share any children together. That is unless that will be the next bombshell dropped about these two in the upcoming weeks?

This young husband and wife are either going to sink or swim real fast. The odds are not in their favor of making it, but, stranger things have happened.

What are your thoughts on the Ryan Edwards cheating scandal?