Not too long ago, Josiah Duggar announced that he and family friend, Marjorie Jackson, were courting. In Duggar world, this is typically a preamble to marriage and thus far, a Duggar hasn't not married the person in question. But Josiah stunned the fandom when he decided not to marry Marjorie Jackson, and instead to call it quits. Some thought Marjorie, who is now a published author, might have been scared away by some of the scandals plaguing the Duggar Family, but it seems as though the answer for the paIr is relatively simple.

Josiah speaks out on their relationship

According to Josiah, the pair was attempting to make their relationship as centered on God as possible, as most Duggar children do. He said they were following His lead and praying about where to take things in the relationship. Unfortunately for the pair, Majorie Jackson didn't feel that God was leading them to be together and instead felt like it wasn't the time for the couple to be together. In the future, the pair may reunite, but it seems they are content to have parted ways as friends. Some have surmised that Majorie has been throwing shade at the Duggar family since the break-up in her new book when she discusses liars and cheats, but that has never been confirmed.

What he's up to now

Josiah is now living the single life, but some speculate that he's ready to announce a new courtship due to the media centered around him. It has been speculated by some that he's actually back together with Marjorie Jackson, but that the pair have hid it from the rest of the media until they were ready to announce the courtship.

The Duggar boy has been very quiet on his social media, mostly because those who are not in a courtship, engaged or married are permitted to use social media much. However, he has been appearing more on his sisters' show, "Counting On," which is also what leads many fans to believe that he may be announcing something very soon.

Only time will tell whether or not Josiah Duggar will be announcing something big to his fans, but Duggar fans, no doubt, are all cheering the family on. For now, the show will be focusing on Joy-Anna Duggar as she experiences her first few months of marriage and Joseph Duggar, as he and his fiancee Kendra Caldwell tie the knot in the next couple of months. Fans are hoping that the pair will do so sooner rather than later, and have been watching their social media to see if there are any new developments.