"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry gave birth to a baby boy in the early hours of Saturday morning. The MTV reality mom is now having a hard time picking a name for the newest member of her family. Kailyn recently tweeted that she had welcomed another son into her family to join older boys, Isaac Elliot, 7, and Lincoln Marshall, 3.

The baby name game

As many "Teen Mom 2" fans know, Kailyn Lowry's former friend and ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez is the father of her third child. However, it seems that Chris won't be a very hands on father. The Reality TV mom has hinted many times throughout her pregnancy that she was planning to raise baby number three all alone, and was making plans to do so.

Meanwhile, Kail told her fans on Sunday morning that she was having a bit of trouble finding a name for the littlest Lowry. "I still don't have a baby name," she told fans adding a blue heart and a crying face emoji.

Did Chris Lopez meet his new son?

In the past, Kailyn Lowry has asked fans' opinions on baby names and has revealed that she liked the name Murphy, but more so for a girl than a boy. Kail admitted that she liked last names as first names and "Teen Mom 2" fans may see her go that route when it comes to her newest baby boy. Meanwhile, there has been no word about whether or not Chris Lopez has seen his son yet, or if he was at the hospital when the child was being born. Sources have revealed that Kailyn was open to having Chris in the delivery room with her to see his baby being born, but Lowry hasn't announced any specific details of the birth at this point.

Isaac and Lincoln are big brothers

In addition to Kailyn Lowry's happiness over welcoming her third child, it seems that her two older sons are thrilled as well. The "Teen Mom 2" star had previously revealed that both Isaac and Lincoln were eager to meet their new sibling and both very excited to have a new baby in the house.

In fact, little Lincoln wanted to meet his new little brother so badly that he asked his mom if she could "open her stomach" so he could see the little guy inside.

Isaac's already a pro

Now that he's officially arrived, it looks like Isaac and Lincoln will be on major big brother duty. This will be Lincoln's first younger sibling, but Isaac is older a professional as he's big brother to Lincoln on his mother's side, and has a little sister, Vivi, on his dad Jo Rivera's side.

It seems Isaac may have to show Lincoln the ropes when it comes to being a big brother.

Fans are eager to meet the baby boy

For now, Kailyn Lowry is trying to figure out the baby name game, and hopefully, she'll let fans know what name she has chosen for her third son very soon. "Teen Mom 2" fans are already eager for photos and information about the baby, and can't wait to see if he has any resemblance to Kail, Isaac, or Lincoln.