At this very moment, K-pop fans are celebrating the 10-Year Anniversary of popular girl group Girls' Generation. To celebrate reaching their elusive milestone within their careers, they released their sixth long play (LP) or full-length studio album titled "Holiday Night" featuring two title track songs: "All Night" and "Holiday."

Overall, it is a joyous occasion as the SM Entertainment girls group has been in the K-pop industry for ten years. However, it is also bittersweet as the girl group's first member is celebrating being in the industry for ten years too yet she is no longer a part of the group.

Jessica Jung, the first member of Girls' Generation who departed back in 2014, will celebrate her 10-Year Anniversary right after the SM Entertainment girl group does. She is currently releasing teaser images and video snippets to hype its release. Some fans, however, see links between Girls' Generation's "All Night" music video and the teaser for Jessica's upcoming "Summer Storm" music video. Ergo, many believe they are linked.

'Summer Storm' happens right after 'All Night'

To understand why K-pop fans think "Summer Storm" happens right after "All Night," it is best to summarize what is going on in the "All Night" music video. In it, Girls' Generation are celebrating with each other during a party that lasts all night long.

The lyrics when translated come off as if they are singing to someone they've loved for a long time, but it can also mean just having a good time.

In Jessica's teaser for her "My Decade" featured title track music video "Summer Storm," we see her walking into what appears to be a hotel room in the morning. We see the room is a mess with glitter all over the place (which was heavily used in "All Night") and a cake and balloons celebrating a 10-Year Anniversary.

It insinuates that Jessica, the former member of Girls' Generation, did show up to the "All Night" celebration but was too late as it was in the morning and everyone has already left.

The 10-Year Anniversary is the perfect time to 'Kiss and Make-Up'

The situation surrounding Jessica departing Girls' Generation and eventually SM Entertainment is shrouded in mystery.

What many K-pop fans believe is that it was a messy ordeal and that SM Entertainment is probably the one behind the split given their track record on handling K-pop idols.

We also know that Jessica leaving was a very painful experience for Girls' Generation too. K-pop fans often refer back to the live performance of the ballad version of "Into the New World" at the Tokyo Dome. It is easy to see that most of the members were devastated with sadness, especially Sunny.

This tragedy happened three years ago. The 10-Year Anniversary is a perfect time for all parties to reconcile with each other no matter the extent of responsibility. This includes Jessica, Girls' Generation, and SM Entertainment. It will also be the ultimate gift for fans if "OT9" were to release something together this coming November.

Girls' Generation's 10-Year Anniversary album "Holiday Night" is available digitally on iTunes. The collector's album version, which includes either the "All Night" version or "Holiday" version, will eventually be available on YesAsia. Jessica Jung's "My Decade" will release on Wednesday, August 9, 2017, KST.