Things are getting pretty intense in the continuation of “Teen Mom 2.” It looks like Briana DeJesus' mother Roxanne is now very angry at the father of her child, Luis.

It seems that Briana has a change of mind as she now cancels placing her baby girl, named Stella, up for adoption. To recall, she has been planning to put her unborn baby up for adoption, although she still has to remove Luis’ parental rights to decide the kid’s future on her own.

Briana, Luis, and her mom

Although Luis refused to put their baby Stella up for adoption, Briana is a little skeptical that he will always be there for them.

In a report made by People, she told her sister Brittany that her child's father is going to do the "bare minimum" to keep their baby. To keep his parental rights, he has to provide for her and their child’s needs.

As she now decides to keep the infant, she is now preparing herself mentally and trying to do the best that she can.

Her mother Roxanne, on the other hand, talked to Luis about the commitment he is about to give to her daughter. “We co-parent,” Luis said. As she also doubts his dedication, she questions his pledge to his new family. She even reminded him of his eight-year-old daughter, who he had from a previous relationship, and he hasn’t been there for that little kid.

Later, Roxanne told Briana that she hates Luis for being “not being there” for her and baby Stella.

“He’s a quitter! He’s a f**k quitter,” she bitterly said. Briana then stayed positive and said that she is not just going to sit and have a “pity party” because Luis doesn’t want to go for adoption. She would rather figure out what she is going to do for her new child.

She then insisted that they are going to keep the kid in their house and enjoy her just like Nova.

Her mother then warned her that she should be ready and not expect Luis to be around them.

Kailyn’s baby daddy

Meanwhile, it is known that Chris Lopez, Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy, is not going to grace “Teen Mom 2.” Now, the big question if her kid will also never be seen in the reality television show.

In an interview with Radar Online, the 25-year-old star revealed that Baby Lo might just be seen on social media and not on TV.

To recall, her eight-year-old son with former flame Jo Rivera and the three-year-old child with ex-husband Javi Marroquin have been seen in the series.

She told Radar that she is not yet sure if she is going to allow her baby to be seen on the small screen this early, but she and Chris are now talking about it. Chris chose to stay away from the limelight while she was pregnant. Unfortunately, they called it quits when she learned that she was expecting. Although they are already separated, she insisted that it doesn't mean that her child's father doesn't care about their kid. "It was more about him and I [sic],” she added.