“Big Brother” fans know all about Zingbot, the insult-hurling robot who turns up every summer on the CBS reality competition to roast the houseguests. It takes a thick skin to be around Zingbot, and this season Josh Martinez learned that fact the hard way. During his annual tirade, which included a diss aimed at returning vet Paul Abrahamian’s “Big Brother 18” loss, Zingbot zeroed in on Josh to make fun of the fact that he has been having trouble losing weight. In one of his meanest zings this season, The “Big Brother” robot told Josh that he has “shed so many tears this summer,” then added, “Too bad you can’t shed any weight."

Martinez, who had been Zingbot’s biggest cheerleader up until then, went strangely silent.

The Miami native didn’t cry, but he looked like he was about to. Josh later composed himself enough to tell Zingbot to wait until he’s on slop for a week, insinuating that he’ll be starving himself when he’s only allowed to eat the “Big Brother” Have-Not staple.

Fan reaction to Zingbot’s below-the-belt zing

Some “Big Brother” fans took to social media to express disgust over Zingbot’s body shaming of Josh Martinez, saying the CBS robot crossed the line by personally attacking the Big Brother 19 houseguest. CBS has not responded to a request for comment on Zingbot’s antics this season, according to Bustle.

Josh Martinez has been vocal about his battle with his weight while in the “Big Brother” house, and this is not the first time he has been made fun of while competing on the CBS reality show.

Earlier this season, Martinez was body shamed by ousted “Big Brother” power couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson during one of the most explosive fights of the season. In a series of personal attacks aimed at Josh, Cody called his nemesis “the dumbest person” he’s ever met and went on to say he waddles around the house with his fat body.

Jessica chimed in to tell Josh to go roll himself outside. Martinez later broke down in tears in the Head of Household bedroom.

Does Josh deserve to be made fun of?

Of course, some “Big Brother” fans call this a case of "dish it out but can't take it." It’s no secret that Josh Martinez has been one of the biggest bullies in the “Big Brother” house.

He previously tormented Cody and Jessica by clanging on pots and pans and mocking them. Still, Zingbot’s zings clearly cut him deep, so maybe now he’ll dial back on his own bad behavior for the remainder of “Big Brother 19.”

“Big Brother 19” airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday: on CBS.