Taylor Swift is no longer a defendant after the judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by the former DJ, David Mueller. Mueller said in his statement, that Taylor asked Mueller's employer KYGO to dismiss him from his job. The former disc-jockey filed the complaint last Wednesday and sought a $3 million as a rightful compensation. The 27-year old artist countersued Mueller and asked a symbolic $1 for allegedly touching her inappropriately during the photo-op on her 2013 Denver concert.

Mueller's claim was dismissed

Last Friday, a judge from Denver court dismissed Mueller's claim.

According to the judge who handled the case, William Martinez, Taylor Swift is not guilty and not liable since Mueller cannot give a sufficient evidence that Taylor has set out to get him dismissed from his job.

According to BBC, the DJ made the same claims against Taylor's mother, Andrea Swift, and radio promotions director Frank Bell. A jury is now currently reviewing whether the two are guilty and accountable for Mueller's dismissal. According to reports, the jury was sent home this weekend before the judge will decide on the counterclaim brought by Swift’s attorney to exclude her from Mueller's lawsuit. Furthermore, the case will continue its hearing on arguments on Taylor Swift’s countersuit against Mueller this coming Monday.

Taylor's former bodyguard has testified against Mueller

During the proceedings, a former bodyguard of Taylor, Greg Dent took the witness stand to testify that he saw Mueller reached his hand under Taylor' dress at a 2013 Denver pre-concert photo-op. According to him, he was positioned to Taylor's side during the picture-taking, that is why he clearly saw what the DJ did.

The bodyguard used the term a "violation of her body' in his statement. "I know from that moment she was not comfortable with the picture taking, that is why she moved closer to Mueller's girlfriend and pushed her dress down," he said. Aside from Greg Dent, a photographer from that event, Stephanie Simbeck testified as well that he witnessed the alleged groping.

In contrary to the witnesses' testimony in favor of Taylor, last Friday's court hearing also presented other witnesses. Mueller's ex-girlfriend, Shannon Melcher testified that she had not noticed Mueller behaved disrespectfully during the photo-op. Ryan Kliesch, a former radio co-host has testified as well in favor of the ex-DJ, saying that he is innocent.