Taylor Swift, American superstar singer and songwriter, nobly went to court in Denver on Monday to testify against a former Radio Host who allegedly Sexually Harassed her. Swift was determined to testify in court, claiming that this would set an example for others and would make people more aware of sexual harassment in the workplace. During her trial on Monday, Swift's attorney made some accusations that he refused to withdraw.

The attorney's claims

According to CNN, former KYGO radio host, David Mueller, was fired after he allegedly grabbed Swift's bottom while posing for a photograph with her.

Swift's attorney, Doug Baldridge, said during his opening statements on Monday morning that Mueller is only suing Taylor because he is in it for the fame and money. Although Swift tried to keep the matter quiet, her radio programs manager took the matter to KYGO shortly after the incident occurred, and Mueller was fired.

Now it seems as though Mueller is looking for revenge and attention. The photograph of Mueller and Swift will be a key piece of evidence during the trial. However, one can't see where Mueller's hand is in the photo so unfortunately this is yet another case of "his words" against "her words". Furthermore, Mueller destroyed other evidence that was available on his laptop. This included the recordings that he had taken of his conversations between himself and his bosses, the day he was fired.

These were allegedly lost when Mueller spilled coffee on his laptop.

The former radio host's response

Mueller, who has had several different stories about the matter, claimed on Tuesday that the only contact he had had with Swift was when their hands and arms accidentally touched while taking their photo. He also said, according to Click On Detroit, that his closed fist may have accidentally brushed against a part of her body, such as her ribs.

According to CNN, Mueller believes that Swift recklessly ruined his career with her false accusations. He argues that it could have been any number of men that could have touched her and that Swift has no way of knowing if it was him. Mueller has argued that this isn't about the money or about the fame. This is about him clearing his name of false accusations.

All there is left to do is await the jury's decision. It is clear that this is an important matter that will set the scene for further cases of sexual harassment. Let's hope the truth becomes clear soon and justice is served.