It seems like ages ago when Kim Kardashian-West and Taylor Swift started to get into some sort of passive-aggressive catfight. This all stemmed because of a controversial song — "Famous" — that Kim's husband Kanye West released.

Kanye is a musical genius, that's for sure, but...

Kanye being Kanye, it is not hard to imagine that even most of his songs are already controversial by default. What makes "Famous" special then? Well, as many people know, the track explicitly contains references to Taylor Swift and addresses the world-famous pop singer by name.

And no, the references are not so flattering. In "Famous," Kanye infamously sings, "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b**** famous." Of course, this led Taylor Swift to react, and thus, drama ensued! It is amazing how these two musical icons cannot seem to get along well (remember the 2009 VMA's?).

Kanye West claimed that he told Taylor about the song in advance; Taylor being agreeable with the idea that Kanye wrote a song involving her. Taylor denied that the hip-hop artist asked for her permission and many thought that the issue would be put to rest after that. However, some time later, Kim Kardashian posted in snapchat a phone conversation in which Swift and Kanye were talking, with Taylor apparently giving Kanye a 'go' signal for the song's release.

Later, a spokesperson for Swift claimed that the pop star did not know the song had such "misogynistic" content.

Kim and Taylor: still not talking

In a recent interview with Kim Kardashian, she was confronted again by the issue. When asked if the model and businesswoman ever made peace and talked with Taylor Swift, her answer was her head shaking, indicating a "no."

In addition to this, Kendall Jenner was also mentioned.

Kim was asked how her sister being in Swift's "squad" affected their relationship.

The model seemed indifferent, saying that she did not really think her sister was in Swift's squad. Furthermore, she added that there was no "awkwardness" between them even after the incident.

In the interview, with 'Watch What Happens Live!' Kim talked not only about the feud between her and Swift, but the one happening in the Kardashian/Jenner family, as well.

She disclosed that her mom Kris Jenner and former stepdad Caitlyn Jenner is still not on speaking terms.

Asked if she sees a chance that the two will ever speak to each other again, she answered there is a "two percent [chance]... and those are Kendall and Kylie," referring to her two younger siblings.