The gentle reader may remember the kerfuffle that was stirred up a couple of months ago when the Alamo Drafthouse movie Theater Chain held a number of women only showings of “Wonder Woman.” Some male fans suggested on social media that these screenings constituted sex discrimination. The complainers had to endure savage attacks by social justice warriors and radical feminists who stated that the men were crybabies and that they should just shut up. Now, it looks like the Alamo Drafthouse has admitted its error. For one thing, in many locales, including Austin, sex discrimination is against the law where admission to movie theaters is concerned, according to The Austin American Statesman.

A movie chain faces legal consequences for virtue signaling on feminism

The Alamo Drafthouse has admitted in a letter to the city of Austin that it violated the city’s equity laws in running two women only screenings of “Wonder Woman” on June 6. Two men, one an Albany, New York attorney and another an unknown Austin resident, have sworn out complaints against the theater chain for the discriminatory screenings. The law allows the Alamo Drafthouse to settle with the two aggrieved men. If negotiations fall through, the matter will be referred to Austin city attorneys for possible prosecution.

The negotiations begin

The Alamo Drafthouse is offering to send a letter to its employees describing the complaint and a free DVD of the movie to each of the two men who filed a complaint.

One of the men is demanding that the theater chain offer an apology on its Facebook page and to promise never to do it again. The second man is demanding a settlement of $8,892, which is roughly three times the take from the two women only screenings.

After hubris comes nemesis

Back when the controversy was still boiling, the Alamo Drafthouse had taken a different, more combative tone.

However, since the theater chain has been made aware that the screenings violated the law, it has become a little more contrite. Leaving aside the financial and legal consequences, the bad publicity is very likely to hurt the Alamo Drafthouse’s bottom line.

An offer of a free DVD and telling the movie theater chain employees about the complaint is likely not going to cut it.

Certainly, a public confession of guilt on Facebook as well as in a press release to entertainment media would go a long way toward making things right. As for the free DVD, one would hope that the plaintiffs will hold off for a blue ray version of “Wonder Woman” and a lifetime pass at the theater for any movie.