World-renowned pop singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, appeared in court on Tuesday regarding an alleged sexual assault Case back in 2013. Because she is more concerned with bringing the incident to light than with receiving monetary compensation, she only asked for $1 in a counter suit against him. Swift wants to showcase to other women and girls that they do not need to accept inappropriate and humiliating acts, and she hopes that her case serves as an example for others to follow.

The incident that lead to trial

Four years ago on June 2nd, before Swift's concert at Pepsi Center in Denver, former disc jockey, David Bueller, age 51 at the time, allegedly groped her buttocks while posing for a meet and greet photo.

While Bueller denies the claims, he first sued her in September of 2015 for $3 million for causing him to lose his dream job at a country radio station, KYGO-FM by accusing him of behavior that violated his employment terms. He was fired two days after the event as a result of the allegations and was forced to say goodbye to his $150,000 annual salary.

The inside scoop

The jury, which consisted of six women and two men, were shown the photograph in question on the first day of the trial. Mueller, and his girlfriend at the time, Shannon Melcher, stood on each side of the singer in the photo, while Mueller's right hand appeared to be hidden behind Swift. Reportedly, he lifted up the back of swift's skirt and grabbed her, though Mueller states that his palm was facing down and that although his hand positioning was a little awkward, he was touching what he believed to be her ribs.

However, a lawyer in the courtroom offered the testimony of Swift’s bodyguard, Greg Dent, confirming that he witnessed Mueller lifting up Swift's skirt, as evidence in the case. Despite this information, Mueller has continued to maintain his stance that he didn't grope her. The trial is predicted to last approximately nine days.

Andrea Swift's opinions

Swift's mother, Andrea Swift, also had something to say on the topic, arguing that her daughter was in fact sexually assaulted, but that they didn't contact the police because they didn't want this day to take over her life. She has also made it clear that neither her nor Frank Bell, Swift's liaison with radio stations asked for Mueller to be fired when they informed his employer of the incident; they had just hoped that his actions would have consequences. As a mother, Mrs. Swift said that she wanted to vomit and cry because she couldn't protect her daughter from what happened.