The Denver Trial Court is into its second day of the Juror Selection for Taylor Swift's groping incident during her "meet and greet" 2013 event at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Swift is being accused in court by the former 98.5 KYGO-FM DJ David Mueller, who is claiming that he did not intentionally mean to touch the artist. The case arose after Swift alleged that he groped the singer which led to him losing his job.

Taylor Swift countersues ex-DJ Mueller

The former DJ took the first civil action against the multi-awarded singer narrating how he lost his job.

He also sued Swift's mother, Andrea Swift, and his Promotional Manager Frank Bell. Muller narrated that KYGO-FM tanked him even though he explained to his employer that he was absolutely 100 percent sure that he did not grope the singer.

Mueller filed his case in 2015 and is suing for $3 million resulting from damages, embarrassment, and lost wages. In defense, the pop star's lawyers filed for a $1 counter-suit against Mueller, reports ABC News.

Process of jurors selection still going on

At this time jury selection proceedings are still in the process. Jury candidates are made to fill out 15 pages of questionnaires, have hours of interviews and background checks to determine any bias between the famous star and the former DJ.

Taylor Swift was in the courtroom listening to Judge William J. Martinez questioning juror candidates who will decide on the case.

There are 60 candidates for the panel of jurors but only eight will sit and hear the case. Potential candidates respond to questions such as whether they watch Taylor Swift's entertainment programs and concerts, buy her music, or read her blogs.

Panelists also answered questions involving ex-DJ, David Mueller, to find out if they listened to his radio programs, or followed media reporting that he had been fired due to illicit behavior or if they knew of any sexual harassment lawsuits. Lawyers also asked the potential jurists if they had seen any images of the DJ groping Swift, the Los Angeles Times reported.

No jurors were chosen on Monday but several candidates were sent home after the series of qualifying tests. A dismissed qualifier answered a given questionnaire stating that Swift is being petty and dishonest, which is grounds for disqualification.

Fans of Taylor Swift were more than eager to attend the courtroom hearing with a limited seating of 32 chairs. A CCTV is available to record the proceedings. The courtroom hearings will take about two weeks for the judge and jury to finish.