It would be just over a year since the conclusion of its inaugural season before the charming Netflix historical drama “The Crown” will kick off season 2. The online streaming giant has just made their announcement that the definitive release of the next portion in the dramatized life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) will be this coming winter. And there is no better way to celebrate this bit of news that with the uploading of the first major teaser video for the second season of “The Crown,” which offers some tantalizing views of the next stage in the life of the celebrated Queen of the United Kingdom and her family.

International royal

The Crown” may be a down-to-earth chronicle of recent history, without any Marvel superheroes or dragons to be found, but when its first season premiered on Netflix back in 2016 it became an international sensation. The focus of the adulation was in lead star Claire Foy herself; her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II led to 13 Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe win. It is just as well, considering that season 2 will be her last hurrah in the series, along with Matt Smith as her consort Prince Philip. The still far-off season 3 of “The Crown” will recast the roles with older actors when the time comes.

Now though, Foy and Smith will make their performance in the second season will be quite the sendoff.

And they will have ample opportunity to play their parts to the hilt with the events taking place in the time-frame now being covered by “The Crown.” It goes from the mid-50s to the mid-60s, with the invasion of Egypt during the Suez Crisis, the travels of the Royal Couple throughout the Commonwealth (and the Antarctic) up to their meeting with President John F.

Kennedy (Michael Hall).

Home front

But international events are not the sole meat of the storyline for “The Crown” season 2. There will also be a new development in the family life of Elizabeth II. The childhood of Prince Charles and Princess Anne was seen in season 1; now the focus is on their new siblings Princes Andrew and Edward.

There is also the Queen’s misgiving as she enters into middle age, most pronounced when meeting US First Lady Jackie Kennedy (Jodi Balfour). And then a scandal rocks the British government that sees her third Prime Minister resigning.

It all sounds overwhelming, but then this is Queen Elizabeth II we are talking about. History proves she will pull through. But viewers curious about the life and times of the longest-lived living monarch of the modern world would do well to catch season 2 of “The Crown” when it premieres December 8, only on Netflix.