Taylor Swift seems to be playing a mysterious game with her fans as she plays digital hide and seek using her social media accounts. Swift has been keeping a low-profile on social media for the past few months. Although she has not been very active on social media, fans were still able to check in on her and scroll through her previous posts. However, a few days ago, Taylor Swift completely wiped her social media accounts, causing her fans to freak out. Nobody knows the real reason why her social media accounts are gone, sparking rumors, speculation, and fan theory.

However, it appears that Taylor Swift has resurrected from her social media purge and posted a very poignant and hard to decipher video. According to Entertainment Tonight, Swift returned to social media on Monday with a ten-second video featuring a tail of a snake.

No explanation, no caption

The fans were not really sure whether to rejoice that the 27-year old singer has returned to social media or to be worried about the 10-second video of a snake's tail that was posted on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. With no explanation or caption of some sort, the fans were still left grasping at straws, wondering what could be the meaning of the snake's slithering tail. To make it more mysterious, the video has no sound at all.

If this was Taylor's way of getting the attention of her fans, it's safe to say that it's really working.

Perhaps the most positive point of all the confusion brought about by Taylor Swift's mysterious posts is the possibility that a new album is on the way. However, fans think it's quite weird for Taylor to announce or hype up a new album with a snake's tail.

Some fans theorize that the snake's tail might be her way of getting back at the bashers and haters who have been flooding her comment box and referring to her as a snake at the peak of her feud with Katy Perry. Or it could be that her new song might have something to do with a snake, right?

Hacking incidents

With Taylor Swift remaining silent amid the social media ruckus she has caused, many are also worried that she might have been hacked.

However, if the "Bad Blood" singer was really hacked, wouldn't she or her reps have announced an official statement by then?

If that's the case, perhaps the multi-awarded singer is really onto something exciting and will reveal a new album or single in the next few days. Many of her fans are applauding her mysteriousness, gamely competing with the solar eclipse and the controversial "Game Of Thrones."