Taylor Swift has been known for her sly social media skills, dropping hints about her new songs, albums and even love life in subtle clues hidden in her social media posts, specifically Instagram. After her whirlwind romance with British hunk, Tom Hiddleston, the "Wildest Dreams" singer then got involved in a highly-controversial social media altercation with Kanye West. The "Shake It Off" singer clearly wanted nothing to do with the narrative, which she so bluntly posted on her Instagram account. After that, her social media posts dwindled -- fewer posts about herself, fewer selfies, and eventually, her page became a sort of cobwebbed place where fans can't even seem to get a hold of where she is or what she's currently up to right now.

Possible new album coming before 2017 ends

As mentioned earlier, Taylor Swift has been handling her affairs and publicity as sly as a fox, which sometimes makes fans believe that she does not necessarily need a public relations staff, considering how well she manages to keep the paparazzi on their toes. However, there's one weird thing going on, and that is her physical absence on social media.

The paparazzi seem to have a hard time catching her too, as her last public photograph was reportedly taken last January while she was outside her favorite gym in New York. That said, where could Taylor Swift be hiding or nesting after that public appearance?

Ed Sheeran to the rescue

While some Taylor Swift fans were already starting to worry about their idol, Ed Sheeran came to the rescue to give them peace of mind.

Debunking all the "she might be dead" or "she might be depressed" theories, the "Shape Of You" singer reportedly met with the "Blank Space" singer in her apartment in New York. However, the two were not photographed together and the paparazzi only got a photo of the "Thinking Out Loud" singer.

This led fans to still wonder how Taylor Swift is doing right now.

The "I Don't Wanna Live" forever singer surely has a unique way of letting the fans miss her, which might be a good way to build up her new album that will be ready for release before 2017 ends, as Ed Sheeran suggested.