Days after Taylor Swift won against the lawsuit filed against her by DJ David Mueller, whom she accuse of groping her at a photo op during a meet and greet in 2013, the “Blank Space” singer made her very first donation to help sexual assault victims. She promised on making donations right after the jury decided in favor of her.

According to Billboard, the donation was made to actress Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation. This is the first organization that received a donation from the singer and is expected to make more donations to organization that help survivors of sexual assault.

Amount not specified

The amount that Swift gave to Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation was not specified. However, numerous reports described the amount as generous.

The CEO of Joyful Heart Foundation, Maile Zambuto, said that Swift is aware of what their organization does as she has been following their work. Accordingly, Swift sent her team to get in touch with Zambuto to discuss about her commitment. Zambuto also did not disclose how much Swift donated to Joyful Heart Foundation but noted that it is an “extremely generous financial investment” as an aid to help end sexual violence.

Zambuto said that the money given by Swift will be allotted to the three main activities that the foundation has.

These are healing programs, education, and advocacy work.

Zambuto on Swift’s fight against Mueller

Zambuto herself is a sexual assault victim and said that Swift coming forward and helping other victims was important because she stood up to her abuser publicly even if secrecy and shame are usually associated with sexual assault.

Zambuto also said that the “Shake It Off” singer could have faced the case privately but she took the louder path as a survivor to be a symbol of strength for the sexual assault survivors who most likely feel like they are alone.

Hargitay thanks Swift

Hargitay, who founded the foundation in 2004, also thanked Swift for making a donation to her organization.

She also hopes that the donation will not only help empower victims to come forward but to urge them to gather as one.

Swift on making her donations

Swift said after the verdict was given that she is privileged to have the resources to attend her costly legal battles but not everyone is as privileged as her. She then revealed that she will make donations in the near future to multiple organizations helping “sexual assault victims defend themselves.” It remains unknown what are the other foundations and organization that Swift will donate to.

DJ maintains he is innocent

In an interview with CNN, Mueller maintained that he did not place his hand inside the dress of Swift and touched her backside contrary to what the singer claims.

He said that when he filed a lawsuit against Swift, he knew he was up against a very powerful celebrity but he went through with it because he wanted his voice to be heard.

Mueller wanted to get paid for the damages from the allegations of Swift. He also wanted a written letter from the legal team of Swift saying that he did not do what Swift claimed. Mueller told CNN he still cannot find a job years after the alleged incident.

He said he wants his life back and will never talk bad about the singer despite the ordeal he claims he went through due to the issue.