Jenelle Evans may be busy with her own personal life these days, as she's taking care of her young daughter and enjoying her brand-new home in the middle of nowhere. She claims that her relationship is going well and that her life is almost perfect. The only big issue is her custody battle with her mother over her firstborn son, Jace. But it sounds like Jenelle may have been involved in another "Teen Mom 2" star's drama because fans are learning that perhaps Jenelle played a role in Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy leak.

While filming "Teen Mom 2," Javi Marroquin learned that his ex-wife had gotten pregnant just weeks after the judge signed off on their divorce.

He was shocked that she would get pregnant so fast and he revealed that he was slightly upset about it. Even though they had both dated other people after the divorce, a pregnancy did seem rather sudden. Of course, Kailyn opened up about her reasoning, revealing that the doctor told her that she needed to be pregnant sooner rather than later, as this may be her last child.

Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter last night that Javi was so furious about this new knowledge that he went to the media to share the news and did it before Kailyn could share the news herself.

"Javi told my friend that owns a website that Kail was pregnant. Javi then leaked it to the media through my friend. Never talked to Javi," the tweet read.

It was later deleted.

This means that Javi leaked the pregnancy news before Lowry was out of her first trimester, which can be pretty stressful.

One can imagine she herself wanted to share the news when she was ready. She wrote a lengthy blog post in February after the news had initially gone public. She revealed that the rumors were indeed true and that she was pregnant with her third child. She also explained that she wanted to be the one to share the news.

On her website, Kailyn revealed that she hadn't told Javi about the pregnancy as she may have been nervous about his reaction.

However, she is now the mother of three boys and it sounds like she is enjoying life. Javi has moved on since learning about the news and one can imagine that these two are trying to get along for the sake of their children. As to why Jenelle Evans is involved in this matter, it sounds like she knew someone at a reputable website and felt that Marroquin needed to share the news with the press. No word on what actually went down or if Javi was indeed the one who leaked the news. If he denies it, it is possible that Jenelle is the one who shared the news.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin learning about the pregnancy news prior to it hitting the press. Do you think he was the one who leaked the news to the media do you think Jenelle Evans played a role in the week?