Tamra Judge from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” has proven herself to be a hard-working Christian woman. When she got divorced from her ex-husband Simon Barney, she decided that she wanted to do something for herself. She decided that she wanted to either open up a bar or a fitness studio.

After many chats with her then boyfriend Eddie Judge, she decided to open a fitness studio and he worked alongside her to make it happen. Tamra’s journey to launch this new business was featured on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and she finally announced that her gym, CUT Fitness, was now open for business while filming show.

But with the stress of opening her own business, Tamra has also been open about how hard it is to get people in the door. While she has never admitted to having financial issues, she has admitted that it's hard to make money with a business if you don't do enough marketing.

However it sounds like her business is thriving, so it is interesting to see her post possible paid advertisements on Instagram. Of course, she is far from the first reality star to get paid to share products on her Instagram page, but it is surprising to see her do this especially because she's been through so much drama over the past year and being accused of having fame to go her head.

Tamra Judge having financial issues?

Tamra Judge is not marketing sunglasses, hair products or even meal plans. Instead, she's marketing a new product called Ivory Clasp, which is a handbag subscription for people who really adore handbags. To help them sell more handbag subscriptions, Tamra said she was holding a Facebook live chat on her Facebook page to help promote the company.

It's very interesting that she's now using this route as a means of making money rather than focus on her own business. When celebrities go to these paid advertising solutions, it almost sounds like they don't have any other means of income.

Tamra Judge could just be helping out a friend in need

It is also possible that she’s just helping out a friend with her business.

Maybe Tamra knows the owner of Ivory Clasp and she's just doing a favor when it comes to spring the word about the business. It is interesting concept to have a subscription to a handbag line and Tamra recently showed off her recent handbag. The target audience is right on, as it could be something fun for the “Real Housewives of Orange County” fan base.

Are you surprised that Tamra Judge is now falling into the trap of Instagram ads? Are you surprised that she is spending so much time marketing someone else's products?