There's only a little over a month before "Superstore" season 3 premieres on NBC, and fans of the workplace comedy are interested to know what has become of Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah (Ben Feldman) after they shared a kiss in a midst of a tornado attack.

While creator Justin Spitzer was quick to shut down any speculation that the pair are officially on and Ferrera expressed her thoughts on Amy and Jonah not getting their happy ending, it would be interesting to see how the two characters will continue on their "work flirt" relationship now that they know that the feelings are mutual.

The show didn't waste time putting together another obstacle in the Amy and Jonah love story, as actress Kelly Stables has recently been cast as a divorcee who lands a job in Cloud 9 and subsequently becomes Jonah's new work flirt. It will be interesting to see just how Amy reacts to the new girl in town, given that she has shown jealousy towards Jonah's previous girlfriends Naomi and Kristen.

New season will feature a short time jump

When the previous season ended, viewers saw Cloud 9 tear into pieces thanks to a tornado that hit town. For creator Justin Spitzer, it was the time that they tore down the set, as he admitted to ET back in May that they were set to move to another soundstage for "Superstore" season 3 because Universal was expanding their theme park.

He explained that "We knew the set was gonna look somewhat different next year, and we would have to motivate that. Also, it was just a great opportunity to beat the crap out of our current stage and not worry about having to put it back together."

Another guest star arriving at the show

One of the questions left by the season finale was whether or not "Superstore" season 3 will pick up where they left off, or if there will be a time jump when the show comes back.

The answer is yes, there will be somewhat of a time jump. Entertainment Weekly reported that when the show resumes this September, viewers will find Cloud 9 gearing up for its reopening after the tornado hit. Interestingly, Howie Mandel will visit Cloud 9 and will get to share some screen time with Dina (Lauren Ash).

What will happen to Amy and Jonah?

When "Superstore" season 3 premieres on September 28, viewers will get to see the aftermath of Amy and Jonah's secret kiss, as well as how Amy will react to the fact that Jonah now has a new work flirt. Fans may also be eager to find out if Amy is divorcing her husband after admitting that they are having marriage troubles. The Justin Spitzer-created comedy premieres this September 28, with a new timeslot on Thursdays at 8 p.m.