The second episode of "The Defenders" starts off with Murdock perching on the top of a building and listening in on the activities of the city. He tries to restrain himself from acting when he hears a robbery taking place but is compelled to act when he realizes that someone may get hurt. Without his costume or a second thought, he leaps into action and parkours his way to the scene of the crime. He makes it in the nick of time and saves the young robbers from getting shot.

Jessica Jones and a whole lot of C4

The scene shifts to Jessica's friend and radio show host Trish as she discusses the earthquake on her show only to be cut off mid call by her superiors.

Meanwhile, Police detective Misty Knight enters a crime scene where she finds Jessica Jones and a pile of C4. After finding out that Jessica had called the police in Misty walks into the room where an annoyed Jessica is talking to a police officer. While leaving the room, Jessica steals a bar of C4. Misty quickly realizes this and tried to chase her, but Jessica has already disappeared.

Danny Rand and Colleen Wing realize that there is another organization that opposes The Hand and could be potential allies. Following a lead that Colleen has, the duo decides to visit a workshop in New York. Around the same time, Luke Cage and Claire Temple are helping the residents of New York who were affected by the earthquake.

Cage tells Claire about his plan to go to a bar that's renowned for its shady clients to find out more about who's using the youth of Harlem for their dirty work. Claire guides him to a better hole in the wall establishment where all the new criminals go. Cage visits the bar and interrogates an old acquaintance to find out more about who's responsible for the death of the kids.

Foggy and Murdock meet for drinks where Foggy offers Murdock some cases to work on to keep him busy and to help him fight against the temptation of being a vigilante again. Jessica has a run in with her former employer Hogarth after investigating a shell company with suspicious records that date back to the 1800's.

Fist-Fight between the Bulletproof Luke Cage and The Iron Fist

Hogarth tells Jessica to lay of the architect's case and take the day off explaining that the government suspects he is a terrorist and Jessica should not get involved. She also meets Foggy Nelson and asks him to make sure that any actions Jessica takes do not affect the firm. Luke finds the man responsible for hiring the youths and calls the police only to hang up once he realizes that the kids are on their way to do a job.

Around the same time, Danny and Colleen have entered the workshop only to find some corpses littered across the room. They hide when they hear people coming only to realize that it's a clean-up crew. The duo quickly defeats the cleaners, and Danny chases one who tried to escape into an alley.

As Danny is questioning him, he is stopped by Luke Cage (who is trying to protect the boy).

Cage and Danny face off, each thinking that they are doing the right thing. When Danny soon realizes his punches and kicks do not affect Luke, he resorts to using The Iron Fist and knocks Luke down. The two are going to continue fighting but the cops arrive, and they flee.

Enter Electra: The Unstoppable Assasin

The mysterious woman who appears as Madame Gao's superior in Episode 1 of the show is introduced as Alexandra, and she has Stick (Daredevil's teacher) captive. Jessica returns to her apartment to find the door open, after carefully entering her office/apartment she finds that the missing man/ architect is holding her friend hostage.

While she is trying to talk him down, the three are attacked by Elektra, and the architect shoots himself in the head before she can kill him.

Jessica tries to chase Electra only to run into Misty Knight who arrests her immediately. While Misty is interrogating her, Murdock enters and asks her to keep quiet, informing Jessica that he'll be defending her.