13 Reasons Why” became one of the most controversial shows on Netflix because it centered on teenage suicide. A new research now claims that the searches about suicide online has increased by 19 percent after the show’s release.

There are contradicting stances when it comes to “13 Reasons Why” since others believe it is a great show that raised awareness about suicide. Also, many believed that the series was able to teach individuals on how to spot warning signs of depression or people having suicidal thoughts. On the other hand, mental health experts believe that the show will urge others to commit suicide as well.

What the research concluded

The research concluded that since “13 Reasons Why” came out in March, there was an increase on searches regarding suicide awareness and prevention as well as searches on ways to commit suicide, CNN reported. The research was published on the journal JAMA Internal Medicine earlier this week.

The usage of the phrase “how to commit suicide” on search engine sites has increased by 26 percent since “13 Reasons Why” came out. Suicide prevention searches increased by 23 percent while searches for the suicide hotline number increased by 21 percent. The search results were taken from March 31 to April 18 from the data stemming from Google Trends.

Lead author says their conclusion confirmed fear over Netflix series

The lead author of the research, John Ayers, a research professor at San Diego State University, said that although the searches on suicide prevention and awareness increased, their fear that “13 Reasons Why” could catapult more individuals wanting to kill themselves has been confirmed.

He said that thousands of people are now searching online regarding ways on how to kill themselves.

Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, the president of the Child Mind Institute, told NBC News that the study showed children and teens reacting and how they were affected by “13 Reasons Why.” He called the research innovative, noting that it is an important study because suicide among teenagers is contagious.

This means that anything related to suicide could trigger their suicidal thoughts.

Netflix releases statement

Netflix said that they believed from the start that “13 Reasons Why” would increase discussion around the subject of suicide, noting that it is an “interesting quasi experimental study” that confirms their hypothesis from the beginning. The company said that they are looking forward to more researches about the show and they will be guided by these, as they prepare for the show’s second season.

What the show is about

The show is about the character of Hannah Baker who took her own life. She left behind tape recordings to explain how others contributed to her decision to kill herself. The show is based on the 2007 book of the same name by Jay Asher.

The show is co-produced by singer and actress Selena Gomez.