Kristen Stewart is definitely making headlines as the latest cover girl of Harper’s Bazaar U.K. September 2017 issue. In her tell-all interview, the 27-year-old “Twilight” star got candid over her sexuality and her controversial love life, as well as her thoughts on U.S. President Donald Trump.

It’s a known fact that Trump and Stewart had some sort of a weird tussle on social media in 2012.

It started when the U.S. president posted several Twitter messages about his own opinions on KStew’s controversial breakup with “Twilight” costar and ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

In an interview with Variety earlier this year, Stewart revealed that America’s current Head of State appeared to be “obsessed” with her. The “Personal Shopper” actress even said that the infamous real estate mogul was furious at her, especially when her cheating scandal with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders broke out. At the time, Trump sided with Pattinson, saying that the British actor should not take Stewart back as she’ll just cheat on him again.

KStew vs. Trump

Stewart seemed to have her own aversions toward Trump, or his administration.

In her recent interview, KStew may not have directly called Trump a “terrible” president but she did use the word to describe his presidency.

When asked about her thoughts on Trump’s presidential administration, Stewart only had three words to say — “terrible, regrettable and sh—ty.” Despite the negativities, Stewart remained optimistic that Trump’s presidency triggered “girl power,” as the female community has finally let their voices and opinions be heard and find the courage to stand up for themselves.

Trump’s rise to power also gave KStew a “strong sense of community.”

On love and dating

Aside from sharing her thoughts on the political situation in the United States, Stewart also shared some insights on her ever-vibrant and controversial love life. In fact, the “Equals” star candidly admitted that she was “deeply in love” with all the men and women she dated in her life.

When it comes to her preferences, Stewart stressed that she was not “faking” anything. And when asked if she was open to dating the male species again, Stella Maxwell’s girlfriend said that she will “definitely” date men again. She even made a pretty interesting analogy about it with “grilled cheese,” saying that while others would love to have it for the rest of their lives, she is quite different, as she “wants to try everything.”

On sexuality and fame

In her Harper’s Bazaar interview, the “Café Society” actress also opened up about her sexuality. Kristen Stewart said she has “really embraced a duality.” She even explained that she truly believed in it but stressed that she didn’t like to be “made fun of,” as she never struggled or felt confused about it.

Furthermore, Stewart admitted that she got bullied for being a “total tomboy” when she was young. Even though it hurt her feelings at the time, she realized that she should be proud of it.

As for fame, KStew said the word is “valued quite ridiculously.” In fact, she hated the idea of being “beholden,” which comes with popularity because it forces her to address the world or talk to the general public. And when she won’t speak up, people will perceive her as “ungrateful.”