The highly popular and controversial teenage drama series “13 Reasons Why will officially make a comeback for the second time on Netflix, according to The New York Times. The drama series has been adapted from the best-selling 2007 YA book written by Jay Asher, sporting the same name. The sitcom was given a green signal for a 13-episode season two which is scheduled to premiere in 2018.

'13 Reasons Why' second season

Season 2 will deal with the aftermath of lead Hannah Baker’s death by suicide and how the other characters of the drama move forward in their lives.

One of the executive producers of the show is singer Selena Gomez who said that the series has been a “breakout.” “13 Reasons Why” was appreciated both by the masses and critics and gained a lot of attention on social media. The series’ widespread popularity led to it becoming the most tweeted show in 2017.

Change in management

On the management part, co-show runner and executive producer of the series from the first season, Diana Son will be leaving the show. However, Brian Yorkey who adapted the series from the book and is also an executive producer of the show will return to the fold for season two of the show. Written by Yorkley, Tom McCarthy directed the first season of the series. The drama series was produced by Paramount Television for Netflix.

Apart from the confirmation of season two, additional details of the series are not available. However, fans all over the world are curious to know if the lead star Langford will make a comeback in the show and if she does, how much screen time will be given to her. Given that the story revolved around her in season one, people are quite excited to see how the writers place her character in the upcoming season.

Writer and executive producer Yorkley previously stated to The Hollywood Reporter that that the way the series was structured would require the presence of Hannah no matter what. He let slip that her story was “very much not finished” and that Hannah was pivotal to the story’s next chapter.

The controversies

Although the story was applauded by a lot of people, it ran into trouble for its graphical detailing of teenage suicide and rape.

Many mental health experts stated that the content of the show is inaccurate and may become dangerous for students. The show was also accused of glorifying suicide. Following strong criticism and backlash, Netflix added a statutory warning before the start of each episode.