A stunt woman by the name of Joi Harris has died in an accident on the set of the movie "Deadpool 2" when a stunt when terribly wrong. Harris was riding a motorbike and was flung through the air before crashing through a glass window. This was part of the planned stunt, however, the crew soon realized that something had gone terribly wrong.

The tragedy occurred when the stunt woman was performed a stunt but the crew soon realized something had gone wrong

According to the Independent, Joi 'SJ' Harris was performing one of the stunts for the movie "Deadpool 2" when the tragic accident occurred.

The incident took place at the Jack Poole Plaza in Vancouver where Harris was seen going airborne before crashing into the glass of the Shaw Tower.

This was how the choreographed stunt was to take place and it took the crew a few moments to realize that something had gone terribly wrong. Witnesses at the scene have stated that they did not hear the brakes of the motorbike that Harris was driving before she was flung from the vehicle.

According to CNN, 20th Century Fox has released a statement about the premature death of Joi Harris and have stated that they are deeply saddened by the accident, which occurred on the set of "Deadpool 2." The company have expressed their condolences to Harris' family and have stated that they are in their thoughts and prayers.

"Deadpool 2" actor Ryan Reynolds also tweeted out a message when he learned of the death of Harris. He stated that they had a lost a member of their family and that all of the crew are shocked and heartbroken. He went on to state that he realizes nothing will compare to the hurt and grief that Harris' family are currently experiencing and has expressed his own personal condolences.

Witnesses have described the scene of chaos as the stunt went terribly wrong

According to the Mirror, there were several witnesses surrounding the scene when the stunt went terribly wrong. Bystanders have come forward with claims about the incident, some of whom are stating that they did not see Harris using the breaks on her motorbike.

One witness has stated that they saw Joi Harris standing on the motorbike before she was violently flung into the air and crashed into the glass of the Shaw Tower. They stated that it was immediately obvious something had gone wrong and that the scene was filled with chaos after the accident.

"Deadpool 2" had originally scheduled its release date for June 2018 however, production has currently been canceled and fans are wondering if they will still make this date.