Kylie Jenner has recently come forward and stated that she wishes she could pretend that her relationship with Tyga never happened. The pair dated for two years before they split in April 2017 and Kylie has since moved on with artist Travis Scott. Fans are desperate to know what happened between Kylie and Tyga and what lead to the pair's breakup.

Jenner wants to erase Tyga completely from her life and pretend that they never even dated

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner has expressed her desire to completely forget all about her former boyfriend Tyga.

It appears that Kylie does not want to rehash the break up between the pair and will not be going into detail on what lead to the end of their relationship.

She has stated openly that she wants to pretend that the relationship ever happened and one has to wonder if she is still hurting from their breakup. Kylie and Tyga dated for two years and the celebrity was even considering having Tyga's children despite the fact that she is only 20-years-old.

Fans are desperate to know what happened between the pair to lead to their split and, are wondering if Blac Chyna has anything to do with it. Tyga and Chyna have a son together and this could have put a huge strain on the relationship between Tyga and his new girlfriend Kylie, especially when Chyna started to date Kylie's brother.

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie has recently explained that she has to be careful whom she surrounds herself with and whom she dates. The celebrity has claimed that many people try to use her because of her celebrity status and fans are wondering if Tyga was trying to use Kylie. However, this seems unlikely as the pair were together for two years.

Kylie is currently seeing the artist Travis Scott who surprised her with a birthday party

According to The Sun, Kylie Jenner is currently very happy in her new relationship with Travis Scott who recently surprised her with a cinema viewing with her close friends for her birthday party. Scott also bought Kylie a $60,000 diamond inlaid butterfly necklace to mark the occasion and Jenner was very appreciative of the gesture.

Kylie's family are supportive of her relationship with Travis Scott while they did not like the fact that their little sister was seeing Tyga years before. Scott appears to understand the celebrity lifestyle and Kylie's need to escape from the chaos.

Tyga has not commented on Kylie's desire to remove him completely from her life but he has previously expressed that he is happy for Kylie now that she has someone new in her life.