When "Deadpool" hit theaters in February of 2016, it had become one of the most successful superhero movies of all time. This is ironic when you consider that its star had played the role before, and it wasn't so well received. "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" had the "merc with a mouth" in it, but comic book purists and character fans alike discovered what Fox Studios had done with Wade Wilson and hated it.

At first, Ryan Reynolds' character in the Wolverine movie appeared to be okay, but the studio experimented with Deadpool by making him too much like a combination of other characters.

Wade Wilson ended up looking almost nothing like his comic book counterpart, and his mouth had been sewn shut. The film had become the studio's most hated, and forced Fox to attempt a soft reboot with "First Class."

Little-known test footagehad been filmedaround the same time

When the footagehad leaked with Ryan Reynolds in a much more recognizable costume, fans once again had faith that we would see a better version of Deadpool. Being a fan himself, Reynolds took the idea to the public with a fundraiser, and the rest is history. To many, Reynolds is the "merc with a mouth," as Fox Studios decided when they caught his portrayal of Hannibal King in "Blade Trinity."

When "Deadpool" hit theaters, one of the few superhero films to earn an R rating, rival studio Warner Bros.

Pictures toyed with the idea as well. They released an R-rated extended cut of "Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice" to hopefully make up the expected revenue fora critically destroyed movie. The "merc with a mouth" had teased a sequel, which had been moving forward until a recent development struck.

Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller, who together made "Deadpool" a hit, apparently had some differences in opinion over the direction the sequel was heading in, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

'Deadpool 2' has lost its director

Miller has already moved on as Fox Studios is now being forced to find another director for the sequel.Hopefully they aren't planning on hiring Brett Ratner again, as his turn at directing "X-Men: The Last Stand" was considered one of the weakest in the series, having killed off several loved characters such as Professor Xavier, Jean Grey, and Cyclops.

Losing Tim Miller might also be a good sign though. Ryan Reynolds has claimed to be a fan of the character, and Miller may have been wanting to deviate from the comics and make "Deadpool 2" more mainstream. The fans wouldn't want that, as the 2016 smash hit kept the character and his story intact, and it was a welcome entry.

It's unknown who might take over the coveted director's chair, but Reynolds will definitely be a more prominent part of the sequel, having produced the first one. "Deadpool 2" still faces high expectations as a sequel to thesurprise hit of 2016.