Netflix has made an announcement that they have signed a new deal with show runner Shonda Rhimes and that her production company Shondaland will be working exclusively on the streaming platform. This was a brutal blow to Rhimes former network ABC as they relied on Shondaland for vast amounts of revenue. Rhimes has released a statement about her decision to leave ABC.

Netflix has made the announcement that they have signed a new exclusive deal with Shonda Rhimes

According to Polygon, the streaming service has announced they have signed a new deal with showrunner Shonda Rhimes.

This is a huge accomplishment for Netflix as Rhimes is the biggest show runner in modern day Television whose works have been attached to several Emmy's. While Netflix is benefitting from the deal, it has been a huge hit for ABC.

Rhimes has come forward with a statement in which she expressed her feelings about the move and the show runner appears to be excited about the change. Shonda Rhimes has explained that she and the Netflix chief content planner, Ted Sarandos, have made a deal, which will allow for the evolution of her company, Shondaland.

Shondaland is a production company, which Rhimes has been running for several years now and has stated that the move to Netflix is the best option for her company.

She has also explained that she has more creative freedom and an instant global reach with this new deal with Netflix. This was something that unfortunately her previous network ABC, could not offer her.

Fans are concerned about their favorite shows, which were part of the Shondaland production company

According to the LA Times, Shonda Rhimes decision to move from ABC to Netflix has had undesired effects on ABC.

Shondaland was very important to the Abc Network as they were able to bring in several million per year based on advertising and promotions through Rhimes’ Company. Fans are concerned that the network will no longer have the funds to keep some of their favorite shows running.

However, ABC has since come forward with a statement explaining that such shows as "Greys Anatomy" and "How To Get Away With Murder" will still be running and that they will remain with the ABC network.

However, it is clear that ABC will have to find some way to make up for the loss of revenue, as they will no longer be able to use Shondaland to facilitate advertising in the manner they did before.

There is no doubt that this move to Netflix will have dire consequences for ABC, however, fans are looking forward to seeing what Shonda Rhimes will create next.