According to Steve Burton is back in action on the "General Hospital" set. There is still secrecy surrounding whether or not he will portray Jason Morgan or a different character, and no actual air date has been mentioned.

Spoiler alerts say he will first return as somebody different

Both ABC and Steve Burton are keeping mum about the character he will portray. Spoiler alerts, however, insist that he will show up in Port Charles as someone brand new, and that his identity will be revealed over a 9 month period. Burton did tease that his return will be exciting, and said that fans should stay tuned.

Spoilers suggest that his on-screen return will be sometime in October, coinciding with Julian Jerome coming back to "General Hospital."

Billy Miller -- who currently plays Jason Morgan -- has been rumored to be going back to primetime, but nothing has been said about his leaving Port Charles. Miller came on board as a Jason who had plastic surgery and was brainwashed by Helena Cassadine. it would be a disservice to loyal fans to have a repeat of that storyline. If spoiler alerts are correct, Sam will be dealing with two possible husbands -- or at least two men who look the part.

'General Hospital' may be dropping hints about Jason

Earlier this week, Sam told Dr Andre Maddox that Jason has been different since he returned home.

On Wednesday and Thursday, she said several times that she did not understand why she was not led to share with her husband the fact that she was having hallucinations. Carly twice asked her best friend why he did not confide in her that Sam shot Sonny. She pointed out that they always told each other everything. Could these be hints that Burton (and not Miller) is the real Mr Morgan?

This could, however, be a ruse and only the method the powers that be are using to get viewers interested in the possibility of two Jasons. It is also within the realm of possibility that Steve Burton may return to Port Charles as a completely new character and remain that person for as long as he is under contract. The only thing certain now is that he is returning to his old stomping grounds.

Viewers will have to sit tight and keep watching for clues, and stay tuned for updates from spoiler alerts -- which, in most cases, are pretty accurate. It's also possible that this will stay under wraps, along with details regarding Anthony Geary's return. "General Hospital" airs weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 p.m. EST.