Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that there will be two Jason Morgans. This will be traumatic for Sam who will soon be diagnosed with a brain tumor. It's already been established that Steve Burton would return to the show. Now it seems Billy Miler may be leaving for the prime time.

The two Jasons is like the two Roman Brady's

Two Jasons at a time is one too many. And the storyline is very similar to one which was on "Days of Our Lives" decades ago. Wayne Northrop left his role as Roman Brady and was replaced by Drake Hogsten. Later Northrop returned, and a bizarre storyline came into being.

Wayne Northrop was proven to be the real Roman Brady, and Drake Hogsten was found to be John Black who had been brainwashed. Those who watched this play out on DOOL certainly do not desire a repeat with Steve Burton and Billy Miller.

Spoiler alerts allude to the fact that Morgan was the original Jason and fans would rather see him step back into the role he originated. The truth is there are those loyal to "General Hospital" who love Miller's Jason just as well. It's been suggested that Billy Miller has been moonlighting on prime time and may leave the show to boost his night time career. If true, it would be nice if they could just swap out one Jason for the other and not put the fans nor Sam through the drama of seeing double.

Unfortunately, this will not happen because it should have been done when Billy Miller took over the role. Apparently, the powers that be were hoping for Steve Burton. They could just have allowed Miller to replace him, but instead, they came up with the plastic surgery storyline. Again alluding to "Days of Our Lives" they replaced Peter Reckell with Robert Kelker-Kelly as Bo Brady.

Later Reckell returned, and Kelker-Kelly was out. It was that simple.

Billy Miller's future

There has been nothing stated as a matter of fact regarding Billy Miller, but Steve Burton is slated to return to Port Charles. The question is will viewers see the two Jasons at one time and how will this affect Sam's brain tumor. Her behavior is erratic enough without her having to determine which Jason is her husband.

Truthfully, the writers would not have to come up with these crazy plots if the actors were more stable.

When Burton left "General Hospital," he said he was going to spend time with his family and not take on another role, but months later he showed up on "The Young and the Restless" as Dylan McAvoy. Now he is coming back to GH. Billy Miller walked away from the role of Billy Abbot to be able to portray Jason Morgan and also work on prime time. SO now Miller possibly is out, and Burton is back in. And we could see them both claiming to be Jason at the same time.It can be a bit confusing but stay tuned to the spoiler alerts to help sort it all out.