"star wars episode 8: The Last Jedi" has been reported early on to bring in buffed up versions of the AT-AT and the Star Destroyer. These massive war machines of the First Order were finally revealed to fans, and they do not disappoint.

"Star Wars'" official YouTube channel has recently uploaded a video featuring the latest happenings around the space opera mythos which included the aforementioned vehicles. Per the new video-blog, the new rides were dubbed as the AT-M6 and the First Order Dreadnought.

Gorilla walker

The AT-M6 (All Terrain Megacaliber Six) was leaked months ago, though rough sketches of these so-called gorilla walkers were only shown to fans.

The AT-AT successor is rigged with a huge Megacaliber 6 laser cannon mounted on its back. It is also said that the new mobile artillery walker is way more massive than the Empire's AT-AT and has this "simian-like" stride that stabilizes its cannons.

A floating slice of death

Meanwhile, the Mandator IV-class warship known as the Dreadnought is a fearsome space fortress that is pretty much a derivative of the Empire's Star Destroyer. Just like its predecessor, the battleship is a massive piece work that is equipped with a couple of orbital cannons that are perfect for large scale attacks. Its upper portion is loaded with 24-point anti-aircraft cannons for added galactic superiority.

Rey's parentage theory

Meanwhile, a new fan theory has recently surfaced as it involves the connection of Snoke to Rey's parents. Per the new assumption, it is said that Rey could be a genetically engineered individual by no other than the Supreme Leader Snoke. The theorist further explained that the scavenger from Jakku might be a product of the Skywalker DNA that was tweaked by Snoke to optimize the Force fully.

The theorist even pointed out the meeting between the two in "The Force Awakens" as the Jedi had this look that as if he recognized Rey. The theory could also be one of the reasons why both Luke and Anakin's lightsaber call to her including hints of the Force that are very evident during "Episode 7." Snoke, on the other hand, is now believed to be just recuperating as opposed to most fans' speculation that the supreme leader is getting weaker by the day.

Teaser trailer details

There are also new details with the upcoming "The Last Jedi" trailer as it will feature new scenes from the film. The new trailer is said to feature key characters in the sequel which include Poe, Finn, Rose, Rey, and Luke.

Per the latest leak, it is said that there will be a scene where a crushed helmet of Kylo Ren can be seen. This one has been teased, though it is believed to have a new voiceover courtesy of Mark Hamill. The next scene will feature Luke donning a darker cloak as he looks onto something burning. There are speculations that the estranged Jedi might be looking at the burning temple or the Jedi tree in Ahch-To.

Another shot of Luke alongside Rey will be featured as they both go down the steps on the island while the sun sets.

Succeeding scenes are said to feature Poe looking over at some AT 4X Walker, Finn and Rose hiding in a stable, and nice-looking Star Fighter that is rumored to be owned by Benicio del Toro's DJ. Check out a video about the upcoming film here: