"Dancing with the Stars" returns to ABC on September 18 for Season 25. PEOPLE magazine is interviewing returning professional dancers and reporting interesting information leading up the premiere of the milestone season.

Mark Ballas is returning

Mark Ballas was interviewed, and he gave a lot of information about his return to the ballroom after taking two seasons off. First of all, Ballas said the timing worked out for his return. He concluded his Broadway performances in the musical "Jersey Boys." Secondly, he has been working on his own music.

Thirdly, he married his longtime girlfriend BC Jean.

The two-time Mirror Ball champion is just one of 12 pro dancers who were announced on "Good Morning America" on Thursday, August 24. The 31-year-old dancer said he knows who his partner will be, but he was not allowed to say. The Celebrities will be announced on "GMA" on September 6. Ballas did answer some questions about his decision to return to the popular dance competition show.

Ballas talked about himself

Ballas shared that he missed his friends and dance family. He said he enjoyed being on Broadway, but he wasn't able to be creative and come up with his own material. He made a good point when he said he was singing somebody else's words and dancing someone else's routines.

Besides, it was the same every night. On "Dancing With The Stars" he is free to come up with different choreography every week.

Ballas shared that when he first started on the show back in 2007, he was younger and had some seasons where he didn't win even though he had a really good partner. Fans still remember when he was partnered with Cheetah Girls star Sabrina Bryan and they were eliminated even though they were doing a great job.

The very next season, Ballas and his partner, Olympic Gold Medal-winning figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, won the championship. Now that he has 18 seasons under his belt, Mark says he has learned to go on the dance floor and do his best to accept the scores from the judges/votes from the viewers and not be disappointed.

Ballas' thoughts about the show

The veteran dancer said that the show has changed over the years. One thing, in particular, is that producers don't tell dancers what to do anymore. Mark stated that he likes the freedom the pros are given. The dancers and producers work more like a team to come up with what's best for the show.

When asked if he watched the show during the two seasons he was away, Mark said he was too busy to watch the first season. However, he did watch the second season to root for his longtime friend Emma Slater who actually won with Rashad Jennings. The returning dancer added that it was a different experience watching the show as a fan instead of being part of it. He concluded that he is excited and glad he made the decision to return.