Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" implied something improper between Maya and Zende. There was a photo of the two holding each other, and Maya saying Nicole did not need to know. This could be interpreted as Zende having an affair with his sister in law, but that suspicion is way off base. Nicole's husband and sister do however share a secret.

Maya's tragic encounter in Monte Carlo

After the fashion show in Monte Carlo, the Spencers, and Forresters celebrated at a night club. Nicole was not feeling well, so Zende was hanging out with Maya.

While they were dancing, two men recognized Maya as a model. She thought they were fans complimenting her accomplishments but that was not their intention. They brought up the fact that she was transgender, and began saying things that were insulting.

They called Maya a freak and questioned how she could have a child when she was not really a woman. Zende ran them off, and his wife's sister told him how much she appreciated his support. As they were holding each other, Katie was looking on suspiciously from across the room. The Spoiler Alert was misleading because it implied a situation that was way off base.

Many fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" probably were not fooled by the spoiler, as Zende and Maya have never shown a romantic interest in each other.

Nicole's spouse and her sibling were embracing, because of the encounter Maya had with the men she wrongly assumed were fans. Zende was simply offering moral support and nothing more.

Katie may share her suspicions with Rick or Nicole

Katie held the fact that Ridge and Quinn had kissed over their heads and threatened to tell Eric on several occasions.

In that situation her suspicions were accurate, but this time she is wrong. It's possible the writers may set Maya and Zende up to have an affair, but for now, it seems far fetched. Katie, however, is like a dog with a bone and she will be watching them closely. Rick is her nephew and she may believe he has a right to know that Maya and Zende seem a little too close.

Maya's encounter with those two men was very unfortunate because she was blindsided. She naturally assumed these strangers were fans who were in awe of her success. Instead, she was reminded that she is different from most other women. For the innocent moment, she shared with her brother in law to be misconstrued and cause problems would be tragic, but there is a way to put it all to rest. Maya has asked Zende to keep the truth from Nicole, so she probably will not tell Rick. If they each told their spouses what happened, the whole thing could be put to rest.