On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Nicole was a surrogate mother. She was artificially inseminated with her brother-in-law's seed because her sister is transgender and could not have children naturally. Nicole gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Lizzy, that she presented to Rick and Maya without hesitation. On Monday's episode, Nicole received some news that may change everything.

Nicole and her husband Zende are newlyweds who want to become parents immediately. They have been trying for several months without any luck. Nicole has missed a few periods so she goes to the doctor hoping to confirm she is pregnant.

Unfortunately, this is not the news that she received. The doctor tells Nicole that she has Scar Tissue that came from giving birth to Lizzy.

The prognosis is not good, and the physician tells Nicole that she may never be able to conceive another child. She tells her OBGYN that she and her spouse will indeed have children of their own. Somewhere between Los Angeles and Paris, France however, Dollar Bill Spencer is bringing up an issue that may prove to solve the problem.

Dollar Bill advises Rick and Maya

Bill and Brooke are on his private jet, headed to Paris for their honeymoon. They invited Rick, who is Brooke's son, and his wife Maya to come along. As they travel, Maya brings out photos of their daughter Lizzy. She shares that the little girl is being cared for by Zende and Nicole.

Dollar Bill points out that this may not be a good idea because Lizzy is Nicole's natural born child. Maya says she has nothing to worry about, but in her eyes, you could see, that her step-father-in-law has planted a seed of doubt.

The possibility that Nicole may be infertile, along with Bill expressing concern about her bonding with the child she gave birth to is very telling.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" may be giving us a clue of what's coming next. If Zende and his wife are unable to have a child of their own, they may blame Maya and Rick for their situation, After all the OBGYN has said the scar tissue came from Nicole giving birth to Lizzy.

Zende was against Nicole being a surrogate from the beginning. He said that any children she had should belong to them both.

The couple even broke up when Nicole decided to carry a baby for Rick and Maya. If it turns out, that her selfless act will rob her of the ability to give children to her spouse this would be devastating. And set the stage for Nicole to want to raise the one child she did give birth to.

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