Colombian beauty Sofia Vergara did something surprisingly out-of-character. The "Modern Family" star posed nude, as in completely unclothed, for a magazine. So, you're asking, what's odd about a sex symbol baring all? It was the magazine, plus her age and reason for posing that were unexpected. Sofia, 45, shared her assets in Women's Health to encourage women over 40 to accept themselves as they are. The 45-year-old's incredible curves prompted folks to wonder about plastic surgery or rigid dieting. Her unusual weight loss tips were probably the most shocking part of the story.

Sofia Vergara graces Women's Health 'Naked'

It's what pretty much every guy in America has been waiting for--a magazine with Sofia Vergara of "Modern Family" naked on the cover. But the point wasn't just to show off curves (although there is a lot of that). With nipples and genitals artfully covered, the brunette bombshell, is trying to prove the point that she is still body confident at 45. And the mom of one suggests that every woman should feel likewise. So she'll never be a Mama June who has to fight to keep obesity at bay. But she's no Kim Kardashian either, chasing plastic surgery to stay young. Yet Sofia maintains she's still subject to other problems of aging. Her unorthodox advice is to accept that no one is perfect and to age gracefully.

Sofia Vergara's 'breast augmentation' shock

Most people are primarily familiar with the Latin hottie from her role as Gloria Delgado- Pritchett in "Modern Family." Her youthfulness and shockingly curvaceous body make her husband Jay (Ed O'Neill) the butt of many jokes about their dissimilar ages and physiques. Her size 34 DD breasts have also given rise to speculations about a breast implant procedure.

Vergara denies having plastic surgery but says that if she did have a boob job, it would be in the form of breast reduction such as co-star Ariel Winter had. Celebrity watchers aren't convinced, noting that her breasts have gotten much larger without any other weight gain.

Sofia Vergara gives surprising tips on weight loss

Not only are the assets "au naturelle" so is the amazingly slender figure.

Vergara claims to have done very little work on dieting or weight loss and admits to hating exercise and only works out 3-4 times a week for her husband Joe Manganiello. But she doesn't want to have defined abs as that would take too much work. Sofia advises that women not strive to look younger than they are even though, as Gloria, she dresses very young. It's been hinted that Vergara keeps her curvy edge with Botox and liposuction. But no one has been able to detect any evidence of a tummy tuck type of plastic surgery. Is she just one of those lucky Celebrities for whom a flawless body comes naturally?