Duggars, bachelorette parties, stag bashes and co-ed sleepovers: which of these don't belong? If you said the Duggar Family, you're wrong. People magazine showed the Christian morality experts of "Counting On" engaging in some pretty worldly activities since the fall of "19 Kids and Counting."

Joseph Duggar and his girlfriend, Kendra Caldwell shared a bachelor party. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth had a joint stag party with a co-ed slumber party. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were onboard for the unorthodox premarital events.

Duggars have strict courtships, lax engagement parties

Jinger Duggar began rule-bending during her courtship but Joy-Anna and Joe Duggar are the first of the "19 Kids and Counting" to have a joint bachelorette/bachelor party. This would be unusual even in secular circles.

The pre-nuptial bash celebrates the end of singlehood and is usually gender exclusive. Whether there are genitalia-shaped decorations or not, the bride and groom are kept apart. It's odd that "Counting On" dad Jim Bob Duggar, with his super-controlled, hands-off courtship rules, would allow a gender neutral party.

Joy-Anna Forsyth and the co-ed sleepover

A co-ed shower is rare enough, but Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth did a boys and girls' campout for their bachelor party.

This would not be odd if were it not for the fact that the "Counting On" family preaches ultra-conservative morality.

A couples' slumber party violates every principle the Duggar family espouses and follows every worldly practice they eschew. To let their "19 Kids and Counting" do something the reality TV family shuns screams hypocrisy.

Holier-than-thou Duggar family

Joe and Kendra didn't have a sleepover like Joy and Austin did. Both parties sounded like innocent beach get-togethers with family, friends and a picnic. There were probably no strippers or drinking games. And therein lies the hypocrisy--the "19 Kids and Counting" family expects folks to assume that their events are pure even though they sound immoral.

But the "Counting On" clan has admonished others for the same behavior, assuming it's sinful. They judge LGBT folks, obesity and other things they deem wicked and reality television fans don't miss the double standard.

"The Bachelor": Duggar style

Does it sound a jarring note just to see the "19 Kids and Counting" having a bachelor party? Why call it that when such things are shamed by the Duggar family? What's next? Will "Counting On" Jana Duggar be the next contestant on "The Bachelorette"?

And speaking of hypocrisy, all their morality didn't prevent Josh Duggar from incest, sex addiction, adultery or pedophilia. Some have suggested they should avoid Reality TV and the temptation to preach what they don't practice.